Red Dead Undead DLC and More

Rockstar has plenty of DLC in store for its recently released, and incredibly successful, open-world western Red Dead Redemption.

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Baltis3024d ago

So this game will be well over 160 bucks by the time all the DLC is rounded up. Lame. Let us not make mention the Online is boring as hell as it is. 30 min of nothing as you ride in between and hope to see the 4 playable people it allows there to be. I got bored of online in RDR in about 3 days. It's lacking in every single way possible. The Co-op DLC didn't help either. I haven't' found a person one to play with yet. I've let it load for a hour one night and still no one logged in. Must be a PS3 thing.

T9X693024d ago

Where do you get $160? 4 DLCs let say all priced at $10, that's $100 not $160. It must be a PS3 thing, because on Xbox I have no problem finding any type of game, doesn't matter if its competitive games, co-op or free roam.

Baltis3024d ago

Has to be a Ps3 thing because this game is D.E.A.D. as far as co-op is concerned. It's as dead as the games ghost towns online. Then you have your MASSIVE 4 players sprawled out across a 300 mile radius map. Good times. Good times.

Doletskaya3023d ago

It is indeed an issue that's only related to the PS3 version of RDR. I used to have this problem until I got Nat type 2 instead of type 3 on my PS3. There is a thread related to this issue on the PS3 section of the RDR forum. The multiplayer is very fun if you play hardcore game modes. It's just this issue that's ruining the multiplayer for you.

DarkTower8053023d ago

I think it's a Baltis thing rather than a PS3 thing. I just got done with a RDR session with no issues. I played free roam and had at least 10 players in the lobby at all times.

MonopolyRSV3023d ago

Much rather play MW2 online than RDR online. The co-op missions are fun for a bit, but everything else damn near puts me to sleep. UC2's multiplayer is way better too with much cheaper DLC maps for only like 6 bucks. Come on kids, I think you know that you aren't having quite as much fun with RDR online as you would like us to believe.

DoublePlusGoodGames3023d ago

Red Dead Redemption is one of my favorite games since Resident Evil 4 and changed the way I looked at R*. Unfortunately, this DLC 'breaks' the ideology and mood that the team established through the existing story line. While I completely understand DLC and why publishers add on to their games, this is just silly.

It's like this, when you were five and played with Matchbox cars in the dirt of your driveway you had fun. When your mom/dad would come home with a new Matchbox, it would add to the experience but wouldn't change it. I never imagined zombies coming out and attacking my cars or getting in them and running down other zombies in cars. It wouldn't make sense.

Bottom line: zombies change everything.

3022d ago