E3 2010 Best of Show Preview: Vanquish

Dualshockers writes, "Vanquish is the upcoming science fiction third person shooter from Platinum Games, a.k.a creators of Bayonetta. The game is being directed by Shinji Mikami, creator of the beloved Resident Evil series. The game features a gorgeous graphical style, giving enemies and environments a high tech, futuristic appearance. This TPS is single player only, set to offer a fresh game play experience that is unlike any shooter available. I’ve been extremely excited about this title since i saw the main character burst into a rocket fueled slide across the battlefield to take cover. DualShockers has chosen Vanquish as their E3 2010 Best of Show. Check out this interview from the show floor, where we discuss the games graphics, game play and production. This interview is presented by DualShockers TV. Vanquish is expected to release this October."

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Hitman07693117d ago

This game looks fantastic!

Rikitatsu3117d ago

Gamesradar wrote a good article on how different Vanquish is from other shooters on the market.

Besides, you only need to see this video to realize that.

iiprotocolii3117d ago

It's one of those games that hasn't really been over the radar in terms of exposure because not much was said about it. But it is a game that definitely looks to be amazing. October needs to hurry and get here. One, I hate the summer and 2) It's a game I'm waiting for this Fall.

taz80803117d ago

It looks very sexy but I am scared that it will be a short play thru and no real reason to go back to it.

JoelT3117d ago

component is the biggest nagging factor to this title. Otherwise, it looks absolutely incredible. It's almost hard to believe it's using the same engine at Bayonetta. Not that Bayonetta looked bad at all but Vanquish is just so over the top.

thevokillist3117d ago

Completely agree with you here

Spenok3117d ago

You know i never thought of it that way...but now that you bring it up that is a good thing to be worried about. Seeing as how most shooters are terribly short. Though trying to get the platinum would be worth another playthrough or two.

Ninferno3117d ago

interesting... i definitely need to check this one out.

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The story is too old to be commented.