What to Expect Next Generation

Bitmob looks into their crystal ball to tell you when the next generation of gaming starts and what advancements it will bring. It’s worth noting that they wrote this piece before last month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. This added knowledge makes some of the predictions look like sure things while casting doubt on others. What do you think?

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GiantJedi3023d ago

I can't wait for next gen! I can't even imagine what the graphics are going to look like, ecspecially with 3D.

Serjikal_Strike3023d ago

of GRAN TURISMO 5 and thats what next gen 3d gaming will look like!

plus head tracking:)

Conloles3023d ago

Next gens already here .... on PC

ExplosionSauce3023d ago

Current PC gaming isn't impressive enough "visually" yet to see it as next gen.
Yes PC will always look better, but currently, not next gen. The jump from say, PS1 to PS2 to PS3 are big. But a jump from 360 or PS3 to current PC isn't as big.

Software_Lover3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Or Crysis Warhead. The textures used in those games are ridiculous.

Console games next gen will probably be well optimized.

4-8x antialiasing
1080p (maybe. I still say 720p is fine for consoles but whatever) this spec might take the FPS down on some games. I just hope they dont think it mandatory to add 3d.
Of course more memory and bandwidth to do all of this.

I truely believe that the next gen of consoles will have separate pools of memory for graphics and texture storing. I hope so anyway.

SOAD3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I disagree. Most console developers will always want to run their games at 30 frames per second because they want to push as many polygons as possible and since consoles are closed-box, 30 fps is ideal for consoles (though there are exceptions like COD and RAGE and hack n' slash).

I can't comment on anti-aliasing because Sony's ICE team will probably develop or standardize a new AA technique. We've seen how impressive MLAA is. I think Sony will push for some extreme form of MLAA that will be as effective as multiple anti-aliasing passes.

Higher resolution is an obvious guess, but if Microsoft has it's way, the minimum will be 720p and 1080p will be at the discretion of the developer.

3D is still in it's early stages. It's seeing a lot of broad acceptance right now, but some people still think it's just a "a flash in the pan" gimmick. I don't know what to think of it. I have actually never seen a film that was filmed in 3D so my experience with 3D is that it's not super-fantastic, but I'm hoping to see a film with 3D done right. I never saw Avatar.

SonySoldiers3023d ago

PS4 finish on the 3rd/4th, once again

Software_Lover3023d ago

I have to say that maybe one of the rarest things I have ever seen on N4g.

Someone actually put an intelligent response as to why they disagree.

disagree all you want as long as your responses have some sort of thought into them.

Rigmaster3023d ago



The PS3 DESTROYS Crisis in every single area except the silly giant high rez textures.

Everything else, Animation, Lighting, Materials, Physics, Destructability, Effects. Killzone obliterates Crisis.

Crytek is a good marketing company. They put out lots of silly high rez marketing shots to stir up hype with hardcore PC fanbase looking to justify their 3000 computers. Too bad the actual in game looks little more than a newer version of Farcry.

But you can't really blame PC developers too much for not being able to match PS3 devs like Guerilla. The wimpy x86 chips in todays even highest end computers can't come close to the insane paralllel processing power the PS3's Broadband Engine(Cell) chip has to carry out massive amounts of vertex transforms, animation calculations, physics simulations, frame buffer processing effects, etc.

Nice try Crytek. You're no Guerilla Games.

maxcer3023d ago

...and you no gamer, but you play one in real life

SOAD3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Rigmaster you are very wrong.

Either you're lying, misinformed, or you're just trying to start an argument.

Crysis beats EVERY console game by a mile.

Physics, lighting, textures, particle effects, destructibility, draw distance, level of detail, motion blur, anti-aliasing and sound effects are all of a higher quality in Crysis than they are in ANY console game.

Software_Lover3023d ago

I played it.............have you even played it?

Have you even played the better optimized Crysis Warhead? I have those games. And I can tell you the textures and lighting used in those games are top knotch.

You can argue that a games art style might be better than those games, but sheer polygonal power still belongs to those 2 games.

For example: I will say that the art style used in Mass Effect 2 made it look like a better game than Crysis IMHO. But Crysis still had ridiculous effects.

.............. After reading more of your post I dont think I really need to counter anymore of your responses. Mainly because your lack of knowledge of the cell processor and the WIMPY pc processors. That gave me a good laugh though.

DTClown3023d ago

The PS3, as it stands now, could very easy take a Nintendo style business move with the PS4 and not use new tech, but instead, re-use the current tech with some minor upgrades.

1) Using a cell chip in the PS4 would be extremely smart due to the fact that developers are now finally comfortable with it. If Sony upgrades to a dual cell processor...way more power for not a big price increase.

2) Same with BluRay...upgrade the optical disc storage by using a newer 300gb (or more) BluRay disc tech.

These two moves coupled with the slimmer form factor, and lower production costs associated with it, would allow Sony to come to market at launch with a $300.00 (or cheaper) PS4 that packs plenty of punch for the next generation of gaming. Add to it a gig of ram, large hard drive, the newest HDMI port...and you're done. Cheap to manufacture PS4 with plenty of power. Backwards compatibility with the PS3 would be a breeze due to the similar hardware and architecture. Developers could get a head start on games for launch since they are very familiar with the specs...for the most part.

Add to this scenario the two tier PSN model, base for free, tricked out w/ cross game chat ect... for pay. This is a win - win - win scenario. Everybody's happy...unless you're Microsoft or Nintendo of course! This could very easy be a system we first hear about at E3 2011...if not sooner!

Imagine developers having 14-20 spu's to work with instead of the current 6!!! Holy crap BatMan!

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Bluemaster773023d ago

I think Physical Media should indeed stay around but Downloading should become an option for those who wish to take this path

CountDracula3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )


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