Cracking Down on Crackdown 2 Criticism

Here's the deal: Crackdown 2 is an open-world game, but Ruffian themselves have said that they want to distinguish the game's play style from games such as Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed 2, and the like. And it's true. Those titles purport to be open-world games but actually end up having a rather tight, linear mission structure.

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TheBuIIetSponge3023d ago

The game is amazing, I don't care what anyone else thinks about it.

dizzleK3023d ago

2 disagrees because you like a game. *shakes head* i can't think of anything to say that wouldn't get me banned.

seij5553023d ago

He is getting disagrees because those people dislike the game, including me. My friend got the game because he was a fan of the first and we played it for a few hours and it is quite sub-par.

bioshock12213023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Thats N4G for you. Anyways Crackdown 2 is good Im playing it right now and so far its a lot of fun and isn't that the point of playing games to have fun. Its really stupid how gamers obsess over graphics this gen. I dont understand the people who are saying its crappy when they say they loved the first one. If you loved the first one then you will at least like the second one. Its so much fun especially playing it co-op.

It is not a horrible game like many reviewers are saying its at least a solid 8 game. People are so dumb they bash a sequel when its more of the same. But isnt that what a sequel should be the same as the first one except way more expanded. That is usually what a sequel is.

UnSelf3023d ago

allow me,

fk this site. This shit is a cesspool for fanboys. Im a ps3 owner who think Crackdown is the best IP ever conceptualized.

hows that for being a sheep?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33023d ago

That's what a great game should I read the second opinion piece at ign and one of the people said..."CD2 is great fun but it needs to be more than that..." I'm sorry but if me and that person was hiking a mountain and he told me that shit, I'd probably push him off the ledge. I understand a lot of people are in a state of awe when it comes to graphics being as impressive as they are, on our cheap limited consoles. It truly is unbelievable what devs are doing but there are only a few games that look great and at the same time be fun. There are some great looking games out there I've played that just felt like a chore and was really bare bones on the fun factor.

Army_of_Darkness3023d ago

was that sarcasm?! cause I can't tell?!

xboxlj3023d ago

I really do wish there were more people like you on this site. I definately agree with you, however I think god of war 3 and uncharted 2 are the 2 best games I have ever played.

NegativeCreepWA3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

no he's getting disagrees because this site is full of Sony fans that disagree with any positive remarks about 360 games, I bet all of those disagrees never have and will play the game.

UnSelf3023d ago

nah no sarcasm

@xboxilj so do i man, u have no idea

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BubbRubb3023d ago

i wouldnt call it amazing, but its fun. get the first if you havent played it yet... its cheap now.

people are always looking for the bells and whistles (whoop whooooooop) and forget they play games to have fun.

RyuDrinksTheDew3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

im with you TheBulletSponge!!!!

candystop3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

You shouldn't have to worry about what anyone else thinks which is what makes N4G so great. If you like Crack Down 2 then play it and enjoy it. Don't ever let these nobody's behind a key board deter your views towards any game. We all see what's going on but unfortunately for them nothing can stop the reach,fable3, kinect momentum train from dominating this fall. Bring on GT5 or whatever you got Sony because this year you get no thunder mark my word.

edit: Funny you mention skittles because it alone might sale more than GT5. :P

Game-ur3023d ago

"nothing can stop the reach,fable3, kinect momentum train"

And Skittles, how could you forget about little cute Skittles.

EVILDEAD3603023d ago

Salutes BulletSponge and Bioshock for having the [email protected] to call it like it is..

I still havent had the chance to pick my copy up..the reviews solidified why I can't wait to play Crackdown 2.

They stayed faithful to the original. IGN's 'second' opinion showed that they hated the first one and took it out on the second.

The reason you see some reviews overly bashing the game is Metacritic..period.

Microsoft states that they have more games that average over 80..and right on cue..the reviewers make a point to go at Crackdown 2 because they can..

The funny part about it..noe of the Crackdown fans asked any of these cornballs to even like the first game..the game got love because it was a blast..The IGN guys played it on a little T.V. in their office and pretend it's the same as me and three buddies over Live..nah..we don't believe you

LMAO..who cares..already paid for at gamestop..will play it this weekend..cant wait..

360 gamers stand's great to be one these days..don't apologize for it..these haters spend more time in 360 articles than ANY PS3 news


HolyOrangeCows3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

"They stayed faithful to the original. IGN's 'second' opinion showed that they hated the first one and took it out on the second"

LOL, no and no.

They created a more mundane mission and spammed it over the game for most of it. If by faithful, you mean created an expansion pack with unexciting new mission(s).

IGN did NOT say they hated the first at all. The 'second opinion' piece showed that they took Crackdown and made it less entertaining.

There sure is a lot of damage control for a full priced expansion pack.
People who pretend that everyone who disagrees that a poor game is good is a "hater" love the attention of pretending to be a victim.

I'll "stand up as a Crackdown fan" and spit on this pathetic "sequel"

EVILDEAD3603023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

LMAO @ HOLY TROLL OF ALL TROLLS getting all emotional because EVERYONE doesn't trolls EVERY 360 article pretending EVERY single atom of the 360 and it's games suck..nah we get it..move on

When you have IGN second opinions that say..

'So it's a good thing I wasn't handling the official IGN review of Crackdown 2, because I couldn't stand more than 30 minutes of it. If that wasn't enough disclosure, here's some more. I played roughly the same amount of the original Crackdown, and I'm usually not the biggest fan of open-world games'

What I love about the reviews and the detractors is that even the ones who loved the original are coming up with silly reasons for loving it..this is simply to prove that now they don't love the new ones for the same reasons

The most bogus argument..The 60 dollar expansion pack is completly idiotic. That may have flown with Halo ODST but now they are pretending it's thesame way with Crackdown 2..they have opened a completely new can of worms..

See real gamers are not stupid..IGN has done this in the past..Crackdown 2 goes back to the same city..different scenario keeps the essence of the original..same graphics...completely bashed..

Bioshock 2..goes back to the same city..different scenario..keeps the essence of the original..same graphics..praised for it..

Bioshock 2 didn't get better scores but it didn't get completely raped in reviews for it..or called an expansion pack..

I remember IGN destroyed Ninja Blade because it used QTE. They even said that developers lacked imagination if they still used it in this era. They compared it to games like Dragon's Lair..

Fast forward..Heavy Rain and God of War 3 get the mention of the QTE..

'People who pretend that everyone who disagrees that a poor game is good is a "hater" love the attention of pretending to be a victim'

LMFAO at the trolls who jump in EVERY single 360 article arev getting defensive because they ARE haters and try to lump themselves in with gamers who simply disageree..

And the best part is I discuss games because I love f-ing games..I do it online and offline..this bridge guarder thinks people care about 'attention'? FAIL..Now we know why he does it..

Once again I salute the true gamers on this site..not the multi-accounts who are only in 360 article for their silly little agendas..

Keep doing what you do's doesn't matter either way..your not a 360 gamer and in the end you won't convince ONE 360 gamer that they shouldnt enjoy and play games on their system..


Unicron3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

EvilDead, you're actually right... to an extent.

But it's sad, when most people point out inconsistencies in reviews like those you mentioned, they are labeled as "nuts" for believing in "conspiracy theories," even when places like Edge wear it on their sleeves.

Maybe now more people will understand, reviews are just as biased as any other form of news?

And that's without getting into the debate of what constitutes a sequel/rehash/expansion/etc.

HolyOrangeCows3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Way to cherry pick.

That was ONE of the, what, 8 reactions in the Crackdown second opinion piece?
The others said basically the same thing, it was a slop job that took a good game and gave it one boring mission over and over.

The quote says it perfectly why your cherry picking technique is flawed:
"I wasn't handling the official IGN review of Crackdown 2"
The guy who said that had NOTHING to do with the review.

And Bioshock 2 did NOT take the exact same world like Crackdown 2 did. Bioshock 2 took place in the same fictional setting, but the levels were completely different.

Ninja Blade's QTE were no where near as well done as GOW3.
Ninja Blade was just generally flawed.

And go ahead and continue your paranoid victim garbage, but no one is listening. I'm a multi-console gamer that does not except mediocrity. Crackdown 2 fell FAR short of its potential as a sequel to Crackdown.

EVILDEAD3603023d ago

LMAO @ Holy Troll backtracking and having to admit I'm right..

Nice cherry picking and ignoring everything else I said..

And go ahead and continue your paranoid victim garbage, but no one is listening. I'm a multi-console gamer that does not except mediocrity.

LMFAO @ you thinking ANYBODY listens to may own an Xbox and I could care less..but your NOT a multi-console 'gamer'..

But you are a multi-account troll who created an account last year simply to bash the fact you have over 2000 posts of 360 hater posts..and your trying to fool who that you are only speaking because you care about 'mediocrity'..

You don't need C.S.I. to know that you are only here to bash anything wear your 'hater' hat proud..and stop playing the 'victim'...

@ Unicron..

Reviews are reviews..I could care less if it's Edge or IGN..but you will NEVER see 360 gamers whining about an EXCEPTIONAL review of over 90% because they gave a game .1 lower than a PS3 game..


Cenobia3023d ago

You defend the game pretty well, especially since you haven't played it...

I feel like people are getting overly defensive and worked up about this.

Unicron3023d ago

"Reviews are reviews..I could care less if it's Edge or IGN..but you will NEVER see 360 gamers whining about an EXCEPTIONAL review of over 90% because they gave a game .1 lower than a PS3 game."

Could this very article not be construed as "damage control" and "whining?"

There will always be people that disagree, and thus whine, regardless of console allegiance.

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Moonboots3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

The game is fun. I wouldn't call it amazing mainly because I expected improvements in all areas of the game and what we got was a lot of cut-n-paste with new weapons, day/night, freaks.

Problems like the targetting system should of been fixed and makes me wonder how much Ruffian phoned this game in versus really pouring their soul into it.

I hate comparing games on other platforms but look at the improvements from Infamous 1 to 2. Every aspect of the game from the graphics to the enemies and powers and even a whole new city.

I understand they had a short time to make the game but you get out what you put in and looking at CD1 vs CD2 there just isn't much different.

And why remove the vehicle leveling? There was no reason to remove it..

Having fun but it's just too much like the first one so I would recommend a rent or just buy the first at a discount and you are getting basically the same game.

I appreciate they stayed true to the original but that is no excuse. So much opportunity to improve this game wasted.

Game-ur3023d ago

What is the problem with scoring a 7, its actually a good score, Heavenly Sword got 7s but it's one of my favorite games this generation, in fact a lot of my favorite games averaged 7s. Don’t let scores distract you and forget about hype.

Moonboots3023d ago

Is that a reply to me Game-ur? I made no mention of the score. I stated my opinion on the game and why it's a poor sequel.

I agree though, I've played many 7 games that are great and I never let reviews dictate the games I play.

Dacapn3023d ago

I'm gonna put it out there. I had never seen the first game in action, much less the second. The first I've ever seen of the crackdown series has been the GT review, and I still stand by what I said.

The game looks like a fucking flash game, and it should be free.

ReBurn3023d ago

I got my copy this afternoon and I've put a couple of hours into it. It's not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. Well worth the $25 I paid Dell for it.

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bbretterson3023d ago

He makes a convincing case, but I think I'm content to screw around in the demo for 30 minutes. I don't need the full game.

PSfan093023d ago

microsoft should gave more funding for this game, now this series will probably done for sure.

UnSelf3023d ago

yea 2 is more of the same. And the devs deserves ever heap of smack they receive for releasing this game as is.

but i realaized a long time ago that me as a ps3 fan, am forced to now see ps3 fanboys as my enemy.

yea believe me, it was BADDDDDDDDDDDD in 06-07 when the tables were turned, but this is just unprecedented hate. Live and let live man. whatever happened to just playing games for fun?

I dont even remember this kinda hate towards each consoles existing last gen. Believe it or not, as a die hard PS brand fan, when Halo 2 dropped, i put more hrs in that game than any other or perhaps even more than others combined.

Seriously, Sony fanboys should just stfu and play the awesome games thats available for them. So what Halo 3 and Gears 2 sell millions of copies. Let em live. Worry about purchasing a copy of the game your interested in man

palaeomerus3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

You should have seen 2005. The Sony fanboys were obnoxious about the 360 THEN too and then in 2006 Sony screwed them big time with $599 and Ridge Racer. THAT'S where the PS3 fans like to start history. 2006 during the backlash. But they were already being huge jerks back in 2005 before they even had a nextgen console to cheer on. They were chanting 'Xbox 1.5' and 'Dreamcast' and such and then acted surprised when people snapped back at them.

ALL fanboys are idiots BTW. The 360 fanboys are plenty obnoxious too.

Luckily I have a 360, a PS3, a Wii, a Dreamcast, a PS2, a PC, and an Xbox so I don't have to sit around fantasizing about a some enemy console failing or any of that crap. I like games no matter what console they happen to be on, and what's more I like several games on every single console I own.

I don't need to worry about who's going to win 'cause I already won.

Tolkoto3023d ago

I'm still not sure what to make of this one.

Cherchez La Ghost3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

This game is fun. That's why I don't listen to some small time blogger giving reviews. I judge for self instead listening to people in this world. Jump online with 3 of your friends and I bet you you won't put the controller down.

T9X693023d ago

You and me both, there have been several games that received low scores that I thought was awesome. There's also been games with very high ratings and I didn't find that great at all. You saying Crackdown is 9 is no different than IGN saying its a 7.5, its all personal preference.

giovonni3023d ago

But a step back from part one. Two takes away from wanting to even go around the city in single play because of its wash rinse repeat method. The sequel doesnt even make a bit of sense, they should have had the main character take down the Agency since (spoiler alert) they crossed you in the first one. I havent played part two co op yet, and maybe the story opens up... I dont know we will see

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