Mafia II System Requirements Announced

To run Mafia II, your computer will not have to trace its ancestry back to Sicily. However, it will need to meet some other requirements.

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kevnb3026d ago

Its also nice how they explain whats needed for what, unlike metro 2033 where people looked at the optimal requirements and cried bloody murder.

Pandamobile3025d ago

Yeah, but if you can run that game on the highest settings, it's like sex for the eyes.

Theo11303025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Tried running Metro 2033 highest settings with Crossfired 5870, and a i7 920 @ 3.1 (would push it further, but I don't know if I can trust my motherboards overclocking software, TurboV). The game still chugged, and it's didn't look that special.

madmanden3025d ago

I run metro 2033 on high on my system although it chugs now and then on very high

Athlon II X4 635
Radeon 4850 1gb

It doesn't really take a monster machine to run.

Conloles3025d ago

Yeah can't wait to unleash this on my PC

JsonHenry3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

You might want to check your PC for malware or something man.

I have an HD5870, Phenom X4, and 4gigs DDR3 1600 RAM and my machine ran the game in DX11 with everything but advanced depth of field turned on without so much as a sputter or moments choppiness. My resolution was 1920*1080.

Try playing it again in DX11 and go to advanced settings and turn OFF advanced depth of field and try running the game. You should be able to play it no problem.

crck3024d ago

@1.1.2 Its the DX11 features that slow the game down to a crawl. Since you have an ATI DX10 card those options (tessellation and Advance depth of field) as well as physx that kill performance aren't available to you.

madmanden3017d ago

@ 1.1.5 I know but i see those features as pretty useless anyway. They do not add a lot to the game and you can easily change to DX10 mode no matter what graphics card you use.

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JsonHenry3025d ago

Yeah man, I just bought Metro 2033 from the steam summer sale. That game with everything turned on (in DX11) was THE best looking games I have ever played. Tesselation really brings things to life and the lighting and character models were the best ever.

My computer is gonna be able to run Mafia 2 with half its processing power tied behind its back it seems.

trounbyfire3025d ago

oh you are talking about all still have to go through system requirements

2010 says hello

Pandamobile3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Says the guy playing on hardware from 2005/6.

T9X693025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Ahhh yes, but our hardware can play these games, even 5 years after our hardware was produced. Yet you have to check your "superior" hardware just to see if your able to run it.

Let me quote your last comment.

"if you can run that game"

Our 2005 hardware CAN run that game, no questions asked.

@WickedClown - What you posted is very true, they can look and run better you would be ignorant to argue otherwise seeing how the game was made on a PC. The issue here is, our consoles do go through cycles, but only every 5-7 years or so maybe? Where PC you have to consistently upgrade your hardware over those 5-7 years just to play the latest games.

trounbyfire3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

whats wrong are you jealous that our games look as good if not better in certain cases.

are you feeling insecure about you pc's power now that its been challenged

i never said it would die out so yeah you are the weakest link

3025d ago
chak_3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

50 FOV, blurry all around, no AA, 720p (when you're lucky), 30fps, draw distance of about 150m and playing with a controller

you call that playable? 2005 says hello to paraphrase panda

edit : did I talk about mod and tweaks?

I can almost feel the -bubble rage coming :o

madmanden3025d ago

These requirements are not really that bad. Also this game was designed for pc and then converted to consoles just like GTA4 was. And i suspect that the level of detail will be like GTA4 when you compare PC vs console versions. Also if you have a moderately good gaming pc for 500+ $ you will be able to play todays games just fine in better graphics and resolution than their console counterparts. I have all consoles this generation and enjoy playing on them but the pc has always delivered the best experience.

tdrules3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )


lets not shall we.

That has never occured for a single PC game, hence why last time I checked a PC game is still the graphics benchmark, if you still think 5 year old hardware can push modern gear you're delusional.
and get off the whole price thing please, that got disproven a long time ago

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crck3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

"oh boy there it is that pc fanboy Jealously and Insecurity"

You're the one trolling in a pc article and he's the Jealous insecure fanboy? Yeah, time for some self-reflection dude.

SOAD3024d ago

PC gamers are only checking the requirements to see if they can run the game in what I like to call "sex for your eyes" settings.

Console gamers don't have to worry if the console version of their game runs because the game's performance and visual fidelity has been gimped to run on 2005 hardware. Congratulations, console fanboys. You're making fun of PC gamers for actually taking the time to make their games look good, because they have a fucking choice. I'm sure, even with a modest gaming rig from 2006, I can make the PC version of Mafia 2 look and perform much better than the console versions.

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Theo11303025d ago

bad example using GTAIV, that game ran horribly. Until they patched the game when Liberty City Stories came out: it became playable

TheBreezyBB3025d ago

Are they saying that My precious 8800GTS can't run this game properly ?

I'm planing to build a new PC soon anyway, so it won't bother me much.

I can't wait for this game to be released, MafiaI was amazing back in the days!!

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