Xenome Episode 1: iPhone RPG with 12 Hours of Gameplay

TPG says, "The iOS scene is just getting more and more impressive. We just heard from Nine Pounds Studios about their latest project, Xenome, Episode 1. With an included 12 hours of game play, a huge open world, and some fairly detailed RPG elements, we think this may be the game to watch. So far it's only on the iPhone, though we've emailed the devs with a question about whether they plan to bring it to the iPad."

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roblef3027d ago

Really impressed with the depth and scope of this game.

Keith Olbermann3027d ago

It looked like bland environments with very little detail. DS games look better than this...I'm just basing this off of the video of course.

bgrundman3027d ago

God that is a long game for something on the iPhone.

wondroushippo3027d ago

Wow. I don't know if the big epic type of game truly fits on iOS, but this is a nice attempt at it from the looks of it.

ewanaiton523027d ago

I keep wishing that I had more time to spend playing the deeper games in the iPhone. Alas the home machines are sucking up my time like a demented vacuum cleaner at the moment.

Davedough3027d ago

iPhone apps definitely need more RPGs. Welcomed addition.

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The story is too old to be commented.