6 new Killzone: Liberation Screenshots

You don't hear much about Sony's Killzone franchise these days, but today 6 new screenshots popped up on the net. I have attached the the screens below, and in my opinion, they look really nice for a psp title. Keep up the good work Guerrilla-Games!

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Asuka5051d ago (Edited 5051d ago )

those screens had to be enlarged from the psp screen size, that's why it looks kind of "out-of-focus" in some places

Bill Nye5051d ago

I hope he knows this is for PSP and not PS3.

andy capps5050d ago

The past few batches of screenshots for this have looked really nice. Almost making me want to buy a PSP.

specialguest5050d ago

heyy...there's nothing funny about this game. third-person 2D-ish games are fun too.

Shadow Flare5050d ago

grief...the real deal is the real retard. This is for the psp and it looks awesome. I bet that zune crap microsoft is making cant handle a game like that

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JsonHenry5050d ago

This is for the PSP? Look pretty good then!

DJ5050d ago

I read that the multiplayer is ridiculously addictive.

Asuka5050d ago

It got an award from IGN for most impressive multiplayer on a handheld during E3!