How to Get the High Score with a Girl Gamer

Kristina Meek of wrote: "When my partner Kevin and I are pronounced husband and wife this September, we will walk back down the aisle to the Star Wars theme played on bagpipes. While this might sound like an idea my geeky soon-to-be-husband talked me into, it was mine."

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Darkfiber3023d ago

This tends to backfire when your girlfriend wants to play co-op games with you (especially hard games, RPGs or MMOs) and she sucks, but you can't tell her she sucks and is holding you back because then she'll just get mad at you. You just have to sit there and do it even if you aren't having fun.

deathstriker3023d ago

I'll have to disagree with that. If she sucks at certain games or you don't want to play with her than you should have good enough communication to tell her that. Otherwise she shouldn't be your GF.

capjacksparrow3023d ago

If she doesn't like video games, she can leave.