Dragon Age 2 Slated For March 2011

Just hours after becoming an official game, Dragon Age 2 has also gotten a release date. In a press release earlier today, EA indicated that the game will ship in “March 2011,” for PC, Xbox, and PS3.

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Darkfiber3116d ago

Wow, just like every other god damn game, including their own MMO. March is not Christmas, stop releasing games.

interrergator3116d ago

i like games but my wallet doesnt

Rock Bottom3116d ago

That's how EA role, baby.

raztad3116d ago


I get your point and you are right. Q1 releases are already out of hand. The positive thing about this is the sooner the game comes out the sooner it drops in price. Love me a good price drop.

DA was a total commercial sucess for EA/Bioware so it is easy to understand why they want another so soon, but I hope they take their time to improve the engine.

JonDiskonected3116d ago

isnt that a little soon? I mean a year and a half after the first one....a year after the expansion....

interrergator3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

unless they started right after the first one shipped or went gold u r right is a little early but they might delay ya never know

awi59513116d ago

It was suppose to come out years ago thats why the graphics sucked on consoles. They graphics are pretty good on pc when you max it out like i played it. I cant play a game like that on console they dumb it down for console big time.

So im sure they have alot of content for a new game already.

Myst3116d ago

Mhm just pre-ordered mine today. I guess I'll have plenty of time to pay it off :D.