GamesRadar: Peeling Back the Final Layer of StarCraft II

Expectations. In some ways StarCraft II can never hope to live up to them. After 10 years people are expecting several moons on several sticks, and for the multiplayer to be more than simply a refined and classier StarCraft, with shinier explosions and prettier Zerglings. But that’s exactly what Blizzard is delivering. It’s the biggest case of “if it ain’t broke” in recent memory.

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moe843027d ago

The difficulty changes in skirmish vs comp are pretty nice. Even on "medium" the computer is far more difficult than what we had back in Brood War. Insane should be fun.. Having 6 choices to choose from should keep just about everyone entertained when and if they want some peaceful solo action. Very Easy > Easy > Medium > Hard > Very Hard > Insane.