New gaming laptop? The first thing you should do is reinstall it

So you just got that awesome new notebook and can’t wait to start playing with it. But if you’re serious about truly making this “your notebook”, there’s something you should do first: wipe it and reinstall Windows. Here's why (and how).

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Dramscus3026d ago

Yeah good call. Don't think I've ever used a stock os. There's always lots of things I remove from my windows.
Plus lots of services to disable, and features to turn off. Bloatware, monitoring utilities, things that report info to microsoft etc.

mrv3213026d ago

I used to have to reinstall windows, there's so MANY little thing I just cannot stand. It's a shame it takes so long to reinstall. I don't want to mention what OS I'm using but reinstalling is quick and easy. I takes 15 minutes and I do it every 3 months.

If you running vista enable dual core boot, disable VAC and uninstall most of the stuff.

Ocelot5253025d ago

windows 7 installs in 30 minutes or less

D4RkNIKON3026d ago

Yeah the manufacturer's always load it up with shitty junk programs that you will never use.. I always hate that

user8586213026d ago

When I first got my pc came filled with soooo many google and microsoft apps.. -_-

Bandrik3026d ago

I've been waiting for something like this. Thank you so much for putting it all together. I'll be following this to reinstall my new ASUS G73JH that I recently picked up.

moe843025d ago

The same should be done with new desktops too... all that shovel ware. >.<

Ocelot5253025d ago

or you could uncheck all shovelware trough msconfig instead of reinstalling so it won't boot

the rest you can disable by setting the services in windows on manual or disabled

moe843025d ago

But I prefer to just reinstall the os. Doesn't take long, and is much less of a headache than "hoping" you got all the crap out of the way. Only to find 6 months later, you missed some trial or something.
Then again, I'm also the kind of guy who will reinstall my os every 6 months just for grins.


FragMnTagM3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Desktops that is. I have not bought a store bought PC in over 10 years. I much rather know exactly what parts in my computer and know that they are premium parts. Quite a few of the parts in my PC have a lifetime warranty. try to get a lifetime warranty with a store bought PC, yeah right.

If you know anything about computers at all, the best route to go is building your own. There are many many tutorials on how to do this. I learned myself through trial and error from hand me down computers. Then I further built and reinforced my knowledge when I was in college at ITT Tech for Digital Entertainment and Game Design. Man I miss that school, it was like my home away from home. So many intelligent people in one spot with all the tech I was learning was truly awesome.

I have yet to build a laptop, but I am going to take shot at it next tax season. I have always wanted a laptop, but I shudder when I think about buying one online or from a store. I want to build it myself. Who knows, if I get good at, I might mod a XBOX or PS3 into a laptop like Ben Heckendorn does.

Rubberlegs3025d ago

Its not like this with all laptops. Most that are like this are store bought laptops that you get at Bestbuy that always come loaded with free or trial software.
Online ordering from like Dell/Alienware and other sites that let you customize your machine come with very little preinstalled apps.
My Alienware m15 came with the software that controls the lights, camera software, Dell backup and Nero. Besides Windows and the latest updates nothing else was installed.

KingKiff3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

My top of the line HP laptop is very powerful (now) when I first got it, it was a slug with all that HP crap and MS this and that. It runs at least twice as fast minus all the shovel ware.

For example my mate got the same laptop but has done nothing to it and using his feels like a Pentium 3 to me.

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