Eurogamer: ' Transition to next-gen in 2-3 years' say Ubisoft

Ubisoft reckons we'll see Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo "transition" from the current generation of consoles to the next in two to three years.

"There's absolutely some amazing product coming. The new hardware, if it's not new platforms coming, the things like Move, Kinect, 3DS, these will all reinvigorate the market, and I do see in the next 12 month if not growth then stabilisation before what I assume to be a new transition into new consoles probably in the next two to three years."

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Forbidden_Darkness3024d ago

I'm still loving my PS3 exclusives, so need to rush for Next Next Gen ;)

xztence3024d ago

Maybe MS and Nintendo will but we wont see next gen from Sony for atleast another 4 years.

TheLeprachaun3024d ago

Microsoft - Mid 2012/Late 2012
Nintendo - Late 2012/Early 2013
Sony - Late 2013/Early 2014

My opinion.

November 9 20043024d ago

no sony ill release a console too,you rally think hey want to fall behind? whoever triggers the next gen everyone is going to retaliate too. in 2-3 years is fine,i think by then we will be ready for a new console.

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seij5553024d ago

Geez Walther, did you make a bad investment or something?

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randomwiz3024d ago

2014 seems like too late of a release date although i wouldn't rule early 2014 out. In my opinion, Microsoft will be the first to release a console, but they won't make the same mistake as they did with the 360 and rush it out. I believe their pricing will be a last minute thing, because I'm sure they'll base their pricing on what Sony's going to price their console at, but Microsoft won't be able to do this because Sony will release at a later date, and will also be waiting to see what the 720's pricing will be.

I think Nintendo will have a release just in time for the holidays at an overpriced price point(by overpriced, i mean $0-100 more than what their console costs to build). Then they can easily drop the price when demand decreases. I think they banged their heads on the wall after the wii was consistently sold out for many months and went on ebay for upwards of a $1000 because had they known it would be so popular, they would sold it at a higher price.

MS - early 2012
Nintendo - holiday 2012
Sony - holiday 2012 or mid/holiday 2013

Conloles3024d ago

Walther of course there'll be another one, the Xbox takes home the cream for the E+D division

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ChickeyCantor3024d ago

Lots of people still love their DVD's....
No F it, not even gonna go there.

Spydiggity3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

i agree with you. there are still a lot of really good games that continue to come out. but come on. i'm getting really tired of gamers, especially the ps3 crowd, saying stuff like this.

yes we are elitist and you think you've got the best device in the world and therefore don't need anything else. well i, and most rational thinking people, disagree. better is better...and i'll take better as soon as i can get it. i don't care who does it; sony, ms, nintendo, w/e...just do it. i've been looking at graphics better than console can do since 2007 on pc...this generation was last gen by the time it hit its stride. yes, UC2 looks good compared to other console games, and yeah gow 3 was chaotic and nuts to watch, but why wouldn't you want better?

if you know companies are intentionally witholding progress for the sake of milking creativity and tech, that should piss you off. you shouldn't be showering blind support on a company...let em want more. we should expect more as gamers. companies should be challenging the tech, not be happy as hell to cater to it.

I STILL see games coming out that do nothing to challenge current tech. games that just copy other games, use the same dated looking engines, and are happy to walk away with 500,000 sales. We should demand more. It doesn't matter how long generations have been in the past, the issue is progress. and as far as i can see, we're behind the times. If crysis could achieve what it did in 2007, we should be expecting a lot more 3 years later! Look at the leaps graphics went through from PS1 to was pretty massive. But look at the next Leap. PS3 and 360 games are mostly just upscaled versions of the top games last generation. the HD version of stuff we saw on PC for years.

I don't mean to sound like a graphics barron, i realize there's more to it than that. but when you play a game now...tell me you don't already know just about exactly what's going to happen. it's because it's the same stuff we've been seeing for 10 years almost. the same havok physics engine, the same enemy ai, the same set pieces, the same everything. it's time for a change.

I should have written this as an article....

snp3024d ago

You don't think it'd be smarter to hold off as long as possible, though, Spydiggity and make sure the gap between this and next gen is as distinct as it can be?

I worry if they go too soon, yes there's going to be improvement, but monumental 'easy and obvious to sell' improvement? I'm not so sure.

I think a night and day difference will still need another couple of doublings of graphics tech. Maybe double or triple what an Ati 5970 level tech can do would be about right to get that kinda dramatic 'this is something very new' impression.

KingKiff3024d ago

Very well said and bubbles up for you.

Spydiggity3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

When you consider the cost of hardware as it is right now, and the hardware that is in current gen consoles, you could build a next gen system that is at least 10x the power for under 700 dollars. and that's if i'm building a single unit, at home, buying individual parts (not bulk).

they build the same thing in mass, with optimized specs, they could probably crank out insane 500 dollar systems.

and they'd do it too, if the developers were willing to invest the time and expense into catering to the NEW tech rather than the current tech. but, thanks to marketing, shareholding, and people's willingness to pay, there is no need to encourage progress. when sony said the other companies would be the first to make a move, all they are really saying is "we're willing to milk it for as long as the other guys are." they all think that way. so they are all waiting for developers to say, "we're ready to move on and we'll goto pc if we have to" instead of them telling developers "it's time for you to step up your game, start crankin out the good stuff."

i guess my point is that there is a lax attitude in the industry right now. sony, ms, and nintendo don't wanna push developers, and developers don't wanna be pushed...everyone just wants the profits. so it's up to the gamers (all of us) to demand better with our spending. once we do that, the next generation will be here, and i'll be happy as hell.

snp3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Oh, i realise the graphics hardware is 'technically' a mile ahead Spydiggity, i'm thinking more the 'perception' that hardware difference creates.

I guess i'm not quite as sure that it's there yet for that night/day difference - esp to sell things to the masses (i personally love tech to, so any jump is nice).

For 'me' - owning consoles and a pretty up spec PC - the gap is nine times out of ten enough to prefer buying the PC version on graphics, but i'm not convinced things are 'quite' there for something that's 'smack in the face obvious' for the masses.

You mentioned Crysis, for instance. That is is a 2007 game, yes, but it's actually only just now that the graphics cards are starting to catch up with it on the PC. At 1920x1200 with fully features enabled, for instance, it'll net you ~46fps on a 5970 Ati (Ati's absolute, and very expensive, top of the line card). That figure would come up to something near 50fps average at a straight 1080p res.

It is very very impressive, but i think it's probably still one gen out from where it needs to be. Get Crysis at full 1080p, without any dips bellow 60fps, and ideally even at something closer to 100fps and i'd say you've got where next gen (which will see us from 2013/14 through near to 2020 hypothetically) needs to be (where PC's will be at the very top end next year, or possibly early year after).

And of course, if things end up going the 3d route - which even if stereoscopic doesn't take, auto-stereoscopic not long after these consoles release likely will - then you'll actually need close to that 'double power' just to maintain 60fps at 1080p.

ECM0NEY3024d ago

If they started coming out with a new console every 2 years for around $500 to $600 I couldnt be happier. I would wait in line for 12 hours to buy the newest console. We should already be on the next xbox. I know im not alone in my thinking. When it comes to passions of mine money is no object.

Chris_TC3023d ago

"Double or triple" what a 5970 can do? A 5970 costs $700. You think in three years the consoles will have a graphics card with "double or triple" the power? That would be one expensive console.

And of course it's not needed. A normal 5970 would be a plentiful upgrade because it exceeds current-gen console hardware by a ridiculous margin (which should be no surprise if you compare the prices).

snp3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

"Double or triple" what a 5970 can do? A 5970 costs $700. You think in three years the consoles will have a graphics card with "double or triple" the power? That would be one expensive console.

Consoles have matched or close to matched the top end of the equivalent PC in graphics when they've gone into production the last couple of generations. It's only a year or two later they've fallen behind to any major degree.

I see no reason this will be the generation that changes...

And of course it's not needed. A normal 5970 would be a plentiful upgrade because it exceeds current-gen console hardware by a ridiculous margin (which should be no surprise if you compare the prices).

Each to their own.

Yes, there's a price gap, but that price gap is for manifold reasons - not the least of which is due to PC component being created, and sold at every step, for profit (and at the very top end in fairly small quantities). Console components conversely are created at a mass level by deals between various component makers to significantly bring down costs - eliminate many middle men. Which are then further subsidised, usually, at release for a good part of their early life by the console manufacturers (again unlike PC parts).

Although it should be added, if you have a look at that $700 graphics card this time next year you'll find it'd be lucky to cost half that - it's not because their costs have suddenly fallen by hundreds of dollars, either.

You're welcome to disagree, but i don't think a 2012/2013 console will have mid 2010 PC level graphics. I think it'll be fairly competitive for a brief period (maybe slightly behind) the top or very near to top PC graphics at roughly the time of it's release (might be half a generation behind very top end). If it isn't, it's going to struggle to maintain interest for six years or whatever it's life expectancy is hoped to be (particularly if PC's make the transition to media station type setups).

As to the differentiation... the further out you get, the harder it is to sell on graphics alone (monochrome to 256 colours is bigger than 256 to 16.7 million colours, even though mathematically it's obviously not). Maybe i'm desensitised somewhat owning a PC, but i just don't see upping the fillrate a few times over, pegging a higher res and more consistent frame rate, and having a few times as many polygons is going to cut it. Not in a world where the majority of masses, just as a fact, are choosing the novelty of the Wii over the graphical improvements of either HD system (and i noticed Nintendo is hedging their bets with a new novelty with the 3ds - no doubt thinking 'just' upping the graphics alone a bit, or even a fair bit, wouldn't create or maintain interest).

I think if they are going to play 'graphics' as a/the major transition to encourage everyone to go and buy another new system to last another 3/4/5/6 years, they're better off waiting as long as possible and distinguishing next generation from this generation as much as possible. Again, you're welcome to disagree. Hell, there's a guy two up that wants ten console revisions a decade (though for the life of me i don't know why you wouldn't just buy a PC if you're that way inclined).

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DTClown3024d ago

The PS3, as it stands now, could very easy take a Nintendo style business move with the PS4 and not use new tech, but instead, re-use the current tech with some minor upgrades.

1) Using a cell chip in the PS4 would be extremely smart due to the fact that developers are now finally comfortable with it. If Sony upgrades to a dual cell processor...way more power for not a big price increase.

2) Same with BluRay...upgrade the optical disc storage by using a newer 300gb (or more) BluRay disc tech.

These two moves coupled with the slimmer form factor, and lower production costs associated with it, would allow Sony to come to market at launch with a $300.00 (or cheaper) PS4 that packs plenty of punch for the next generation of gaming. Add to it a gig of ram, large hard drive, the newest HDMI port...and you're done. Cheap to manufacture PS4 with plenty of power. Backwards compatibility with the PS3 would be a breeze due to the similar hardware and architecture. Developers could get a head start on games for launch since they are very familiar with the specs...for the most part.

Add to this scenario the two tier PSN model, base for free, tricked out w/ cross game chat ect... for pay. This is a win - win - win scenario. Everybody's happy...unless you're Microsoft or Nintendo of course! This could very easy be a system we first hear about at E3 2011...if not sooner!

Imagine developers having 14-20 spu's to work with instead of the current 6!!! Holy crap BatMan!

starchild3023d ago

I bet we'll see a new Xbox and a new Nintendo console by 2012 at the latest. Sony, if they are smart, will release their next console no later than 6 months to a year after their competitors.

Arnon3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

>Xbox 360 sells close to 45 million consoles.
>People state there wont be another Xbox to make more profit. $1 billion on RROD = $7 billion.
>Implying Sony hasn't lost more on the PS3 than the entire first 5 years of profit on the PS2's lifespan.

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Serjikal_Strike3024d ago

360 and wii are nearing the end so yeah...i can see that happening

November 9 20043024d ago

end of what?everyone will release close to each other.

Serjikal_Strike3024d ago

the only thing that might keep the 360 alive for the next couple of years will be Kinect...if it doesnt FAIL!

truth betold

starchild3023d ago

BS! The 360 is just as capable as the PS3 overall. The 360 is better at some things and the PS3 is better at others, but they are both very similar in overall capabilities.

The PS3 is just as outdated as the 360. The only advantage the PS3 has is it's Blu-ray drive and that really only allows you to have more content on a disc. Most PS3 games are no longer than most 360 games, though, so the advantage is not being taken advantage of (probably because game budgets don't really allow for larger games in most cases). The downside to the Blu-ray drive is that it has slower read and seek times. That is why multiplatform games often have faster load times on the 360 than on the PS3.

snp3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I'd expect the Ps4 to come out last - after all the Ps3 was released a full year and a half later than the 360 in Europe/Oceania etc - but don't think the gap would be quite as big this time round.

Mind you, whatever gap there is between the tech's may well result in a more noticeable differentiation in tech this time round. The PS3's delay and excess cost was largely put into Bluray subsidising i suspect. With Bluray a settled tech - and i presume all next gen will use it - any differentiation (largish release date differences) and cost hikes would be purely about controls and graphics, most likely.

3024d ago
CountDracula3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Fuck Ubisoft and their generic estimate. Any moron could have guessed that.

Why not predict that it's gonna rain in the next 2-3 years too while you're at it UBISOFT!

3024d ago
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