12 Minutes of Blacklight: Tango Down MP Footage

Eurogamer shows off some multiplayer action of Blacklight: Tango Down

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wiggles3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Would it have killed them to get someone better or at least have the red team go a little easier?

Really obnoxious seeing this guy spawn for the first 5 mins lol

Edit: Make that the whole video...

REDGUM3023d ago

the granades seemed to do buggerall damage unless your actually standing on the damn thing. and that viser system seemed to cause more problems than do any good. its all right i suppose but to be honest if Battlefield 1943 and this came out at the same time i'd buy 1943 for sure. but thats just my opinion hey!


i tried the demo for about 2 min and deleted it...

am I the only one who thinks this is nothing more then just another generic, UE3-built cash in on the over populated fps stage ?

I will save my points for the Red Dead dlc.