Why did Alan Wake flop?

Examiner: With a perfectly paced and engrossing story, incredible voice acting, and a very unique style of survival gameplay where you fight your enemies using light, Alan Wake should have sold well. So why was the game such a sales flop?

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TheLeprachaun3027d ago

Great Game. Badly Marketed. :(

Xander7563027d ago

I agree. Bright Falls was cool but they needed some trailers for commercials and stuff as well!

TheLeprachaun3027d ago

I'm a 360 fan ( and a ps3 fan ) and I buy plenty of games that aren't shooters. Ergo, you're wrong.

vsr3027d ago

It would be a strong competition to HEAVYRAIN , if it is released on PS3.

palaeomerus3026d ago

Alan Wake IS a 3rd person shooter based around light and dodge moves as its defining "gimmick" to distinguish it from other TPS.

If you'd played it you'd know that.

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Unicron3027d ago

Again, I hate to bring up the comparison, but there has to be more to it. Heavy Rain wasn't marketed at all and sold what, 5 times as much?

Maybe the target audience just wasn't on the 360? Maybe RDR was the defacto choice that month? To say it was marketing alone I think isn't the entire story.

Blaze9293027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

you're kidding right? They had busses in Europe, commercials everywhere the game released, playstation blog, a demo release, magazine covers and much more.

Alan Wake got what? Bright falls mini series and advertising ONLY in Canada? CANADA? Wtf Microsoft?

The Lazy One3027d ago

what Blaze said.

They could probably start an advertising campaign right now around the world and people would think it was released today.

bioshock12213027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Like Blaze said Heavy Rain had quite a heavy marketing campaign. I saw commercials for it everyday leading to it's release unless you live in Antarctica I don't see how you could miss them. Sony advertises all their games now very heavily. Plus Heavy Rain was bundled with the PS3 and it also had a Demo.

Alan Wake on the other hand had no advertising campaign as far as commercials go, it had no demo, and it wasn't bundled with the Xbox 360. Plus according to Vgchartz it has sold over 500,000 in a month and a half. That's not too bad it will sell 1 million eventually. People act like it's been out for over a year. Infamous 1 took over 1 year to reach 1 million yet no one called it a flop.

@below I live in the US California and saw commercials for it I guess it depends what channels you watch.

Unicron3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I live in the good ole US of A. I didn't see a SINGLE HR commercial anywhere. If there was a marketing campaign (demo aside) that's news to me, honestly.

jakethemuss3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

And only AW had advertising, but it was light. As in throughout pamphlets.

Tony-A3027d ago

1. I saw NO Heavy Rain commercials whatsoever. I live in the US and there were no Heavy Rain or Alan Wake commercials on TV.

2. Alan Wake's marketing looked to be all internet-based. I saw it EVERYWHERE. YouTube, this site, every gaming site and MySpace. I could not visit a website without seeing an ad for it at least once.

3. The Kin shows you that even super-heavy marketing doesn't mean it can succeed. Splinter Cell had a bunch of commercials and it still started off slow.

Truth is, we'll probably never know why it didn't succeed, but I for one am 100% sure marketing wasn't invisible or nonexistent.

cmrbe3027d ago

that you guys have been to everywhere in the world and find out that Alan Wake had no marketing whatsoever.

Just because you didn't see marketing for AW in your part of the world dosn't mean it wasn't marketed anywhere else.

Also, if MS didn't see the point in marketing AW. What does that mean about MS confidence in AW?.

Face it. AW is just an Alone in the Dark clone that was doom to fail. AW is not that type of game that x360 fans would normally buy.

Folezicle3026d ago

The big factor between Alan Wake and Heavy Rain is when they were released.. Every game that was released that month was slaughtered by Red Dead Redemption..

Another game that was a flop was Blur, which had a lot of marketing put into it too.

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AngryFork3027d ago

No PC version = no buy. Sorry Microsoft i'm not going to be forced to buy junk hardware even if Remedy are great devs.

gillri3027d ago

but your ok with spending thousands on hardware that never is ultilised even close to its potential, typical PC gamer,

uehc3027d ago

its funny how no one even considers the possibility that it flopped because it was actually not a very good game.

Xander7563027d ago

Yeah I have played it and it's easily one of the best 360 games.

palaeomerus3026d ago

" its funny how no one even considers the possibility that it flopped because it was actually not a very good game."

I think it's funny that so many of the supposedly "informed" people celebrating what a flop it supposedly was and claiming it was "bad" or "on the wrong console" don't seem to even know what kind of game it actually is.

That's hilarious.

Hint: It's a third person shooter.

LilSis3027d ago

only fo decorachon man...

BABY-JEDI3027d ago

Translation please, me speaky no language?????

PR0X13027d ago

When the ps3 flop hard the fanboys on n4ps3g say well its all about the gameplay :')

But when it's on the 360 it's all o.k

hahahaha desperate much? :D

gtsentry3027d ago

why would we be desperate we have heavy rain we dont need alan wake.

inception1233027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

*sigh* yeah we're desperate lets just ignore the fact that it flopped in sales and reviews(gameplay). 360 fanboys always got excuses for everything don't you? maybe if guys stop running your big mouths people wouldn't be laughing at you when things blow up in your face(which has been happening alot lately 3d is taking off when you said it wouldn't, scc flopped and it was suppose to be better then mgs4, aw flopped and was suppose to be better the uc2, me2 flopped and was hyped up to be one of the best games, you hyped up ms at e3 just for them to show nothing etc.) just learn to shut up every once and awhile.

TheBlackSmoke3027d ago

"When the ps3 flop hard the fanboys on n4ps3g say well its all about the gameplay :')"

No, sorry your confused.

Crackdown 2 says hi.

Lightsaber3027d ago

Alan Wake is one of the few games that I think should be in the running for GoTY. So it seem odd to call the game a flop. But then again more then likely halo or cod will get goty

n4gno3027d ago

GOW3 say hello (LBP2, GT5, and others too)

EVILDEAD3603027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

In before the dozen trolls and their multis..oh wait..too late..

LMAO @ Examiner's 1 of 3 Sony Fan kids doing what they do best..

It's always fun to watch the same 360 haters ( included) try to pretend to come up with coherent arguments to bash the 360 every week.

It does NOT matter how long Alan Wake was in development..

The game had the incredible 'luck' of dropping the same day as the most advertised and easily one of the biggest games of 2010..Red Dead Redemption..just look at the numbers.over a million on the 360 alone in it's first May?

Alan game got zero press outside of the internet and last June's E3. I'm a 360 fan w/ over 100 games and even I say it wasn't until 2 weeks before the game and Remedy copied off of Red Dead's ad w/ the narrator that it put the game on my must buy list. Bottomline those are the numbers for the did what it was supposed to do under those circumstances

But of course you get the same ol' fan bloggers and haters prove on a daily basis..they can give it but they can't take it

If Microsoft releases games that are on the 360 and the PC..the kiddos scream 'Microsoft has NO exclusives'..'Alan Wake does not count as an exclusive..

But when Remedy announces they removed the PC version..the SAME kiddos screamed..WHY did they screw the PC gamers?..and then you have the usual Examiner silly point that 'if it wasn't an exlusive it would have sold more' goes the same for EVERY exclusive on the PS3..there are PLENTY of Multi-plats that havent done Alan Wake numbers..ask Bayonetta..ask Blur

Then Examiner tries to pretend Microsoft claimed it was sold as a 'blockbuster'..which is straight internet ducktales. They put it out there as a big exclusive to look forward to..Remedy then went out there and explained WHY the game took so long. But the game was mainly shrouded in mystery..which hurt them when they didn't market the hell out of it

Examiner also fails when they try to pretend that the top games on the 360 are different from the PS3. When we ALL knows NOTHING sells like Call of Duty on the PS3. Which is a multi-plat shooter..

It's all fun and games greenlights 360 fan bloggers and PS3 haters to do the EXACT same thing..

Then you'd see articles like..

'Why did 'Yakuza 3' flop hard in the U.S.?

'Why don't PS3 FPS exclusives like K2 and M.A.G. sell like Call of Duty?'

'Demon's Souls is one of the best RPGs of all time..but it flopped on the PS3..PS3 owners don't like should have been a multi-plat'

'If Little Big Planet 2 doesnt do HUGE numbers..shouldn't some website do a LBP2 flops..'

What if the worse happens and Gran Turismo 5 does outsell Treyarch's 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' on the PS3 after a 5 year wait..How would those SAME trolls on this site react to 'Gran Turismo 5 flopped' articles..

Could you even imagine how crazy the outcry would be?

Just remember this is another article that proves SALES matter to Sony fans and media and when the next Sony game doesnt do monster numbers..
For the internet uninformed..when it comes to the 360..rember one thing..if a game is successful like Gears and Halo..then the haters will say..Sales don't equal quality..when they dont?

LOL..just playing Evilz Advocate..It's great to be a gamer today..and I salute Remedy for creating 'Alan Wake'..let em hate


BkaY3027d ago

ms relied on internet hype... big mistake...

and i agree with a comment saying tht "xbox users only buy shooters"....

i really feel sorry for remedy.... AW is a good game... they deserve better than tht...

if you are survival horror fan.. this game is for you..

and for the last time... ITS NOT A FLOP... if you are talking about sales then "wii sport" is the best game ever made in the history of gaming /s


muDD3026d ago

M$ did not market this game at all, I did not see one comercial... Worste marketing strategy by M$ I have ever witnessed...

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ClownBelt3027d ago

Good game. Wrong audience.

AngryFork3027d ago

Basically. I still think to this day they should've gone with Take-Two, they would've gotten the same budget and it would've come out on PS3/360 and PC so everyone could enjoy it.

Even if this game was exclusive to PS3, it would've done better sales-wise. Heavy Rain isn't even a TPS like Alan Wake and it still sold a million. AW has shooting elements on the supposed shooter console and still didn't sell a lot. The 360 was just the wrong choice imo.

corneliuscrust3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

N4G crowd: "xbox is teh sux. it has no exclusives... needs more"

Alan Wake released as xbox exclusive

N4G crowd: "WTF MS no multiplat? That was a stupid move"

kids need to make up their minds.

lelo2play3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I guess games like Heavenly Sword (the devs said they lost money with this), Modnation Racers, 3D Dot Game, among others flopped for the PS3. I guess it was also made for the wrong audience. They should have released for the X360 instead of the PS3... maybe get more sales.
Did you see what i did there...

As for Alan Wake, some games simply don't sell. Maybe it was the wrong audience... maybe it was the constant delaying ... maybe people simply lost interest... maybe the lack of adds... maybe Microsoft lost faith with the game... or any other reason.

... and one other thing... saying that X360 is only a shooter console, is a pretty stupid thing to say.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

''Modnation Racers, 3D Dot Game''

Those games are far from Flop.

n4gno3027d ago

Far from flop, and not old enough to talk about sells...+ ps3 has way more great games/exclusives, so it's more difficult to sell 3, 4 good games in a months, than 1.

Alan was presented like a "uncharted killer" (lol) and hyper since more then 5 years (lolX2)...

BkaY3027d ago

i never thought i gonna agree with you on anything.. but thts spot on...



Folezicle3026d ago

I don't think so, it was mainly because it was released when Red Dead came out.. Every single game that month failed to reach their goal in sales

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NYC_Gamer3027d ago

remedy should get back to their roots which is max payne

ElementX3027d ago

A linear storyline, such as Alan Wake, will never sell as well and an open ended game. Alan Wake is more of a rental, people play through once, know the story, and move on to something else. I bought Alan Wake and I'm enjoying it so far, however I don't think I will play through again. It comes down to the style of gameplay, is there a reason to play again? No, the plot is laid down for you, all the player has to do is progress the story by reaching the next checkpoint. Linear games fall victim to the "play once and move on" mentality. I'm not saying that it's not worth playing a game twice, but once you know the plot, where the enemies spawn, what you're supposed to investigate, it looses it's charm. Thus a rental, where you have time to play through once, better fits certain titles, Alan Wake being one of them.

ipe3027d ago

i ve bought RDR on release but if alan was on ps3 i d buy that first instead and rdr later.

ElementX3027d ago

Ah yes, so many disagrees, but no statements to back them up.

BkaY3027d ago

of course a healthy one... most of the ppl here ends and argument with "its my opinion" bullcrap... so where is the argument....

anyways.... i bought the special edition of this game... coz of two things ... TP and horror... i am a survival horror fan... i bought every single survival horror game (not FP).. i hate fp view... its just not for me...

"but once you know the plot, where the enemies spawn, what you're supposed to investigate, it looses it's charm"...

this case is for most of the games... i dont understand your point..

lets just say "this game is not for everyone"....


Solidus187-SCMilk3027d ago

I finished AW 2 times, onceon the hardest mode. I really liked it and cant wait for the first episode of DLC(which I get free).

Tony-A3027d ago

It makes me wonder if Microsoft is going to bother publishing a sequel. Maybe it'll go multiplatform if they don't. Because if it does, the sequel will get a much better shot at becoming a success.

It's a shame it didn't do much because I thought the idea of light as a weapon like that was very clever.

Xander7563027d ago

Agreed. I would have liked to see a few more weapons though. They should have included a few different handguns, like one that uses magazines instead of a revolver.

Mcardle3027d ago

I think that M$ own the alan wake ip, could be wrong though....