Dragon Age II Pulls A Commander Shepard

Kotaku: Dragon Age II takes a page from the Mass Effect playbook, limiting player characters to a male or female human version of the game's main character, Hawke.

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SupaGamer3116d ago

For a second I though Shepard was in it..WTF.

Than I realeized it just meant character is limited like shepard is.

NYC_Gamer3116d ago

i guess our character will finally be voiced

BeaArthur3116d ago

That would definitely improve the experience. Great story and lots of great codex but the mute main character was annoying.

Christopher3116d ago

More importantly, I think it will provide that one singular, central figure that we can grow attached to. It gives them a better chance of writing a storyline keyed to just one character rather than one that could be keyed to various characters.

ThanatosDMC3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

This sucks especially if i cant build my Dwarf with very high spell resistance.... oh well, i love Bioware games so im bending over. I just hope it's better than DA1 in every possible way... not to mention up the graphics of the PS3 version to match the PC version at least.

I dont want real time combat though to replace the rpg tactics of DA unless they somehow make it perfect.

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Forbidden_Darkness3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I really hope the new visual style isn't like borderlands or anything, i loved it the way it was.

Edit: Seems like the graphics are getting an upgrade, but ugh im just worried about them changing the style, i loved the visual style of DA, but if they just mean darker, that would be fine.

Myst3116d ago

I think they are going to keep the dark style since they stated Dragon Age Origins to be Dark fantasy. So I would say you won't have to worry, it won't go all 3-D Disney [or pixar] animation or something :p.

skip2mylou3116d ago

HEY HEY HEY PIXAR IS THE SHIT! dont be saying they re bad

Myst3116d ago

Not saying they are bad, but it would be bad for DA:O to be going down that direction.

skip2mylou3116d ago

lol i know i was playing

BYE3116d ago

If DA2 is as big of a jump like ME -> ME2, I'm sold.

dizzleK3116d ago

well hopefully they don't remove the rpg elements and turn it into a hack n slash. :p

i'm playing and loving me2 but it just feels like a really long shooter with a really good story. i'm itching for experience points and loot.

BubbRubb3116d ago

the jump from ME to ME2 was a huge jump backwards.

hardly any rpg elements, no exploration, extremely repetitive missions (room full of boxes to room full of boxes to room full of boxes), horrible story ("hey shephard, spend 90% of the game recruiting the people that are going to die off screen in the final mission"). gameplay is average.

positives: graphics were better. the joker mission was cool, i guess.

Weaksauce11383116d ago

You do know the characters only die in the final scene cause you didnt do their missions that are part of the narrative and their character development right? Seems like you missed a good chunk of the game....

BubbRubb3116d ago

i did the missions for the people that i actually wanted loyal, but they still died and i got left with all the shitty people i wanted to die.

and the good chunk of the game i missed was "fly to planet, travel from room of boxes to room of boxes until you kill someone". the loyalty missions were just a way to pad playtimes since the story could've been told in like 3 missions if you stripped away all the crew recruiting.

Letros3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

I totally agree with you, ME2, while I still enjoyed it, it felt somewhat over simplified and the vast majority of the game was just "assembling a team". I expected better from Bioware in terms of story progression. ME3 though, has the right opportunity to tell an amazing story, I cannot wait.

Myst3116d ago

May I start pre-ordering this now?

BubbRubb3116d ago

you can do anything you want if you set your mind to it

unknownhero11233116d ago

what about murder?

OT: I'm glad they are doing this, it will let them focus on the story more(not that it was a problem on the first one).

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