Guardian: Crackdown 2 Review

Guardian: The original Crackdown is one of the finest Xbox 360 games ever released. Arriving at a time (2007) when the 360 was dominated by shooters and sports, Crackdown offered gamers an expansive urban playground to play in.

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Jack Klugman3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

the first Crackdown is brilliant but these new developers did not impress and really didn't do much to the game. its been a few years and I expected the game to improve in every aspect but it looks like they spent all their time focusing on Co-Op and Orb hunting they forgot about the rest of the game.

online only orbs = fail

neglecting the single player = even more fail

graphics look worse.

i do like the new weapons, the freaks are fun and adds a sort of zombie/dead rising vibe to it, day/night cycles, more enemies/chaos on screen is also good. still feels way too much like the first game and the fact the missions are so unvaried make it feel repetitive.