Behavioral Study Analyzes the Influence of Review Scores

DualShockers writes, "A Study conducted by the Southern Methodist University (SMU) and Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDR) has recently attempted to isolate the effects of review scores on a person’s opinion about a video game experience. This test’s intention is to show the effect (if any) that “low” and “high” scores have on a person’s opinion of a game. Read on to check out some of the rather interesting results."

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iiprotocolii3028d ago

I'm pretty sure that Review Scores play a big role in the decision making of people buying games. It's one of the tools used today by many gamers to finalize their decision of whether game X is worthy of purchase.

Not to say that it goes with EVERY gamer (as I tend to play a game first, THEN read a review to see if the writer shared equal thoughts), as many tend to go for a game more by taste at times.

randomwiz3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

while I don't disagree that MANY gamers use the score as an indicator of whether to purchase the game or not, in my opinion, its stupid to base your decision on review scores. I would read the actual review then decide. The reasons scores are useless are because everyone has different tastes and the scores vary from person to person. Some one might consider a 7 to be "VERY GOOD", and someone else might consider a 7 to be "BAD".

Double Toasted3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I don't care about reviews. What I shouldn't be doing though, is caring about other people's reactions to those reviews. Because I didn't really need a chart to tell me that review scores really affect a games status in the industry or sales for that matter. Shit, you can just look at what goes on with most comment sections of game websites. The bad thing about it though is, these knuckles heads like to use review scores as a tool of death to games they can't play. Maybe these console companies and devs should be more careful of how they let their games be handled when some type of scrutiny isn't able to be determined. I know that sounds crazy, but reviews and websites are hurting the industry.

BeaArthur3028d ago

This is no surprise. If you don't have a demo and aren't sure about a game you would naturally be influenced by someone who has played through it.

rezzah3028d ago

I only look to it if I dont know much about the game im interested in. Even so I look towards other people comments about the game more than the reveiw itself. Though I do not completely rely on the scores given to a game.

rezzah3028d ago

Wow a disagree for my way of doing things.

To whom ever disagreed youre a fucking prick. The world doesnt revolve around your way of doing things so go fuck yourself.

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JoelT3028d ago

shows that review scores are pretty much a form of indirect / direct marketing. I wonder if it would have been different had they read a review with no score like the ones found on Kotaku. A much higher percentage would have probably just taken the money.

Chadness3028d ago

If I based my purchasing decisions on review scores, I wouldn't have played most of the great games I own, especially those in my favorite genre, JRPGs.

JoelT3028d ago

said it any better myself.

ranmafandude3028d ago

i'm pretty sure if i payed attention to reviews and bought only what the reviews consider good, i would only be buying mainly shooters lol. i like jrpgs which don't usually get good scores. i don't care about what they say if i like the game.

Hitman07693028d ago

This is very interesting to me. Making me think a lot!

maawdawg3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

considering it is your picture in the author slot of the article itself. :)

Nice article and the study is interesting. The reply to it here, not so much.

Ninferno3028d ago

Wow i guess review scores do influence people. and i thought i was extremely unimpressionable

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