PushSquare: Patapon 3 on PlayStation Portable Demo Impressions

PushSquare: "What better than banging drums alone? Banging drums with friends, of course. Patapon 3’s come out of nowhere. A short countdown clock on SCEJ’s website culminated in a montage appearance from the drum ‘em up. Now, just a few weeks after E3, we’ve all got our hands on the next entry in Japan Studios’ Patapon franchise. And unusually for a handheld game, this one’s all about online multiplayer."

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ISKREEM3024d ago

I wish I could've enjoyed the demo more, but I just couldn't with some of the problems I had with it.

Why doesn't my progress save? Even if it were just for the demo, and didn't carry into the full game. Though you would think it would, given the past Patapon demos.

Also, while going through the second floor of the dungeon, my PSP would completely freeze up and shut itself off shortly after. At the same spot, everytime. Preventing me from accessing the versus mode.

Those, of course, are only issues I have with the demo. And I am quite sure I won't experience in the full game, upon its release.