SuperStars V8 Racing Graphics Rival GT5's For Only $19.99

TGA Writes: While I was at E3, I made it to an appointment I had with the publisher O-Games. They had SuperStars V8 Racing on deck and I managed to get some video of the game being played and an interview with Jerry Whitehead, the Senior PR Manager. The game is developed by Milestone and I am sure glad I was able to see SuperStars V8 Racing because by the time I was done with the interview, I was completely sold on buying the game when it comes out, purely based on what I saw while I was there at the booth.

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Bereaver3023d ago

Ok, it might have something, but there is no way in hell it could RIVAL GT5.

I mean, I'm sure Forza would come closer than this game. But, no where near close to being rivalry.

xc7x3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

i find it funny that they say it rivals it with GT5 not even being out yet? maybe they meant just graphics but i wouldn't know since i haven't seen the game yet.

with link working and seeing the video,i'd say it's a good game but rivaling GT5,not sure about that? at least it cost cheap [$20] so that ya can afford this and GT5 :-)

HolyOrangeCows3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Real title: "O-Games Booth E3 2010: SuperStars V8 Racing"
Reported for bad editing.

How the heck did this get approved with only 4/10 approvals?
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cobraagent3022d ago
Only 4 approvals and 2 reports indeed. It was changed from pending to approved by community!?

rockleex3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

But not even close to GT5.

Gameplay? Seems like its not as much of a simulation.

Army_of_Darkness3022d ago

I never laughed harder to a title than this one!

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GodHandDee3022d ago

Of course it rivals GT, this one has cars just like GT duh

that's what they are referring to right? RIGHT?

MNicholas3021d ago

The road and grass textures are top notch. Everything else ... not so much.

Low polygon car models, low res reflections, and lack of dynamic lighting, etc...Is it even 60fps?

To it's credit, it does have more cars on the track.

Superstars V8


xc7x3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

at least for me.

nevermind; what i just said,it's working now

Ilikegames763023d ago

nice and really cheap. The damage modeling is good too. But I hope they tweak the camera view.

ian723022d ago

Looks a decent racing game for the price.

Lord Gunchrote3022d ago

Its a decent need to get excited and compare it to juggernauts like Forza and GT.

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The story is too old to be commented.