Why Core Third-Party Games Always Fail On Wii

NowGamer: Third-party publishers can't seem to get a fair slice of that 70m user pie. games™ finds out why...

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NYC_Gamer3027d ago

because people brought wii to play all the great 1st party titles

darkcharizard3027d ago

Monster Hunter Tri has sold 1.5million and continues to sell well. That's a core 3rd party title.

Mario & Sonic at the olympic games - 7.5 million.
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga - 3.5 million
Guitar Hero III: legends of rock - 4.4 million.
Just Dance - 3.5 million
Sonic and the Secret Rings - 2.25 million
RE4 Wii Edition - 1.8 million
Star Wars: Force Unleashed - 1.5 million
Sonic Unleashed - 1.5 million

Soo many others 3rd party titles have sold 1.5 million and above. And these games are far from failures. The word "always" is a HUGE stretch and this article shouldn't be taken seriously.

El_Colombiano3026d ago

Oh crap I forgot about Monster Hunter Tri, thanks for reminding me! I wonder how well that will run on Dolphin.

ExplosionSauce3026d ago

COD:Modern Warfare Reflex did well too.

NecrumSlavery3026d ago

It isn't core 3rd party games. It's M rated titles. And that was do to Nintendo marketing the Wii to the casual(kids and moms). It's why games like MadWorld do bad on Wii like GTA CW did poor on DS. Great games caught up in an older era of Wii marketing. But with a slew of adult 3DS games coming, Nintendo looks like they are going to fight for the Adult crowd and convince them, the Wii/DS aren't kiddy toys.

Anon19743026d ago

When you look at all 3 companies, they all see to have equal percentages of games that break the 1 million mark overall, at that sits just over 10%. The difference with the Wii is that there are over 70 million Wii owners out there. Twice as many console owners as the PS3 and almost twice as much as the 360. Based on that alone, there should be no way that the Wii doesn't have more million sellers.

We also see this problem illustrated when we see game company revenues. Take a look at EA sometime. PS3 and 360 revenue generated dwarf what the Wii brings in and they release just as many Wii titles as they do the others.

There's obviously a problem here for developers. Throwing up a list of "but look how much these 10 games sold" doesn't change that fact.

Mahr3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

"The difference with the Wii is that there are over 70 million Wii owners out there. Twice as many console owners as the PS3 and almost twice as much as the 360."

This would be relevant if it said somewhere in every developer's contract it said 'you get paid based on the percentage of the install base you hit'. I can assure you, it does not.

"We also see this problem illustrated when we see game company revenues."

Revenue is not profit. I suspect you do not wish to talk about profit -- which is the metric of commercial success that is actually, you know, important to developers in this day and age -- because it does not support your argument.

"PS3 and 360 revenue generated dwarf what the Wii brings in and they release just as many Wii titles as they do the others."

They should dwarf the revenue, given that the production costs of those games dwarf those of their Wii counterparts. If we believe Ibis, the average PS3 or 360 games cost $15-$30 million per title versus $5-$7 million for Wii games.

"There's obviously a problem here for developers."

No offense, but trying to say something is 'obvious' is usually more effective as a rhetorical devince when you have a vague idea of what you are talking about.

jjesso19933026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

El_Colombiano runs fine on dolphin !

darkcharizard3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

@darkride - I dont think I can take you seriously, given that you have only 1 bubble.

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multipayer3026d ago

It's because all the core 3rd party games are being developed for current gen hardware. The market which includes everything but wii... They can't afford to risk all their marbles on 1 outdated platform, So wii gets leftovers that are extremely dumbed down versions that nobody really wanted and/or would pale in comparison to their projects on other hardware.

Nike3027d ago

"Why Now Gamer is an authority on anything: Nobody Knows"

...would be closer to the real heading of this article.

jimmins3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Collectively, the staff have over 150 years of industry experience? Maybe that's it.

But then, you didn't read the article, did you? And you certainly didn't see all of the top developers and publishers who contributed to it. Instead, you just posted your ignorant trolling.

Round of applause.

SOAD3026d ago

Nobody cares how much experience people have collectively. Collectively, me and my two friends have been alive 56 years, but we're still dumbass teenagers.

Titanz3027d ago

Piracy is a "major" factor in disappointing Wii third party sales, couple of my friend bought a Wii just so they could hookup their external hard drive to it and play downloaded games.

Xbox 360 is not in the same boat as the Wii because you actually have more to loose if you mod a 360(Xbox live ban).

Wii is probably the easiest system to mod, which is a sad thing if your a legit Wii owner(lack of third party support do to piracy).

turok3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

i dont pirate wii games but do use cheat codes >:D and play videos. I can watch my naruto and get infinite money on monster hunter tri and red steel 2 xD. and super cheat on fire emblem xD infinite Elixirs for ALL.

Seekerofthewind3027d ago

I can give a simple answer to NowGamer's hyperbole-instilled article title.

Third-party developed Wii games sucked initially, leading consumers to have a negative view of third-party developers. At the same time, Nintendo was consistently making solid games, thus instilling consumers with confidence in Nintendo software. There were third-party gems, but for every 1 decent/acceptable third-party game, there were 10 bad ones. Consumer confidence is the best way to obtain consistent sales, and third-parties didn't show any amount of effort until a precedent of trash had already been established.

In other words: The good third-party games were too little, too late.

jimmins3026d ago

Is what it says in the article. But you only read the title... soooooooooo.

Seekerofthewind3026d ago

I read the article. All six pages. I wasn't disagreeing with them, I was stating what I always say when people ask me why third-party Wii titles 'always fail', even though, again, that is a hyperbole-instilled statement.

kasasensei3026d ago

I heard that piracy is very easy on wii, maybe this is one of the reason why so many third-party games fail.
And the ds is suffering from the same problem.

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