PS3 3D has moments of awesome, moments of disappointment

Love it or hate it, 3D is coming to the living room. It may be just a passing trend; it may seem gimmicky to some; and it may even cause “involuntary movements,” “confusion,” “loss of awareness,” or “convulsions” (per Samsung’s 3D TV disclaimer). However, the consumer electronics industry is convinced that 3D is the wave of the future, and after getting to delve into Sony’s preliminary slate of stereoscopic 3D games on the PS3, I have to say there’s a reason for all this excitement but also a reason for the skepticism.

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Joule3076d ago

Don't worry 3D is only getting started.;)

StanLee3076d ago

Exactly. It's in its infancy. I will say that Sony is doing more than anyone else with 3D technology and being pioneers instead of adopters.

Conloles3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Errr heard of Nvidia? Yeah probably not (because they have the superior product) and they have been doing 3D in 1080P since 2008!


Yes but we're talking about 3D which everyone here will be claiming (eg StanLee) Sony are pioneers - pfft. Everyone on this site will go claiming Sony invented it and Sony's is the best when it is far from it.

D4RkNIKON3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

We aren't talking about Nvidia and your L337 rig...

DigitalAnalog3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

You and whose army?

Right, only the "Alienware" rig users..... my gosh, 3D on Unreal Engine 3. Must be painful for the eyes. I'm pretty sure you're viewing N4G in 3D 1080P now as we speak.

-End statement

mastiffchild3076d ago

I'd love to be able to have a go at the 3D but til the glasses go it's not a possibility. I can't even wear shades when it's really sunny because wearing any kind of glasses just gives me a headache after two or three minutes.

Besdies that two of our kids and the missus wear glasses as it is and they're pretty robust yet STILL get broken every other week and as a coupkle of that threesome throw controllers in a fit of pique the 3D glasses would be dead a lot more! Also they'd get lost and we'd need SIX pairs(you get by with a couple for games but you'd want the films etc for the oputlay wouldn't you?)to begin with! Even at more expensive set costs I see glasses free 3D as less long term costly than a never ending supply of blood glasses that I can't even join in with!

Sooooo, soooo gutted it's gone the glasses route and I couldn't care less about looking daft but I'm not willing to take migraines and yet more breakable bloody peripherals as I already spend a mint on new controllers , etc, every other week! So, impressive or not, I can't buy into any of this til the glasses are gone and that could be YEARS away.

Might still be a gimmick, however, as at the prices quoted for 3D sets I can't see many who just moved to HD even thinking about this for more than a nano second. Not going to get off to a flier even if it eventually sticks even if the glasses aren't most people's issue with all this. Surely everyone else sees the drawback of kids plus fragile 3D specs, no?

sikbeta3076d ago

3D is Awesome and Definitely is Here to stay...

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MNicholas3076d ago

but not with glasses.

I'll wait a few years until Sony reveals their OLED multi-layer 3D TV that has a 160 degree viewing angle.

bloop3076d ago

Agreed. You'd have to be crazy to run out and buy a 3D tv now.

MNicholas3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

bills, child-support, alimony, charity, retirement, or whatever else people spend on these days.

Early adopters, though, tend not to let these kinds of things get in their way. Hence I'm a big fan.

A friend of mine (in who's company I invested) is about to release a product that's aimed straight at the early adopters. Don't let those idiot analysts get you down.

There's a ton of opportunity in any market under any conditions. You just have to be careful where you aim.

Legosz3076d ago

My science teacher from school saves up loads of money every year, he bought himself a 3D TV and says it is amazing. I have no idea if he has a PS3 or anything but I would imagine he probably has a bluray player.

So yes, if someone has the money why not. I myself would buy one but I still rather wait until there is actual 3D channels on TV and etc.

Ju3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

[alimony] Somebody didn't pay attention, huh. Live's a b!tch.

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divideby03076d ago

its just the start...wait till this time next year....hopefully the TV prices will drop

erathaol3076d ago

Personally I kind of wonder how a game like Flower would do running in 3D. Would it be horridly convoluted to a point of discomfort or beautifully intricate to a point of admiration.

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NateNater3076d ago

Well it looks like the moments of awesomeness outnumber the moments of disappointment here

Cloudberry3076d ago

From the article :

"All in all, 3D gaming on the PS3 is something to marvel.

Those who have complained about having to wear glasses most likely have not tried it out yet.

Playing console video games is all about tuning out your surroundings and becoming immersed in the virtual world on the TV in front of you, so wearing glasses quickly drops away as any sort of annoyance or nuisance.

Content is still in its infancy stage, but given how impressive this small smattering of downloadable games looks in 3D, it’s not something to easily dismiss."


The article also rated the 3D games, based on what I'm reading :

Good 3D games ->
* Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Demo.
* Super Stardust HD.
* Wipeout HD.

Bad / least good 3D games ->
* Pain.
* MLB 2010 The Show demo.


Looking forward to the 3D impressions of Motorstorm Apocalypse, Killzone 3, etc.

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MorganX3076d ago

I think it's the nature of 3D since the 50's. Moments of awesome, moments of disappointment. I felt the same about Avatar. I don't think that will change.

BYE3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

I don't get it, 3D is 3D, where is the place for disappointment?

That's like saying the color red is disappointing.

raztad3076d ago

disappointment because sometimes the 3D effects are not clear. Besides Pain (I dont know what this game even exists) it seems retroffiting 3D has been very positive for Sony games.

I would add some games like SuperStarDust HD got better resolution and framerate as a side effect. It's pretty cool.

BYE3076d ago

OK, that sounds like technological problems, but Morgan said 3D in its nature has moments of disappointment. As far as I'm concerned that's logically not possible, is it.

I'll explain it further, if you have an lcd screen with poor red levels, you can say the red on this screen is disappointing. But you can't say the color red in general is a disappointing color, or water being wet is disappointing, it's just a description.

MorganX3076d ago

What I mean is that people have always expected 3D to wow them. That it will be the end of 2D. It's really cool when it works, but becomes disappointing when you realize it's not going to change things as much as you thought. With each technical generation 3D comes back and is supposed to change everything. This generation we have powerful consoles, TVs, and Bluray. It will be awesome at moments, and disappointing, as it has since the red/blue glasses of the 50s.

Avatar has some really awesome scenes, but in the end, the 3D wore off quickly and it was a formulaic Saturday afternoon show. Then Alice was awesome, Clash of the Titans disappointing. meh, 3d. Good to have the option, but I think it will remain the same until there's 3D without glasses. Great but not super, will remain a niche.

Starlight3076d ago

It's fine. I mean, anyone could realise that Sony's 3D Collection on the PSN Store are games not built from the ground-up for 3-D as the writer illustrates through his words. However, games built from the ground up for 3D like Crysis 2, FIFA 11, Killzone 3 etc, will absolutely blow you away.

I haven't played with this 3-D thing but I think it could be quite nifty and if there is anybody that is going to push forward new tech to us, it's going to be Sony.

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