Killzone 3 versus Killzone 2: HD Screenshot comparison

Killzone 2 was a visual showcase for the PlayStation 3. It was (and still is) one of the most atmospheric shooters available on the system. We all knew that there was going to be a third game in the series, with updated visuals and game play.

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Joule3024d ago

Killzone 3 best FPS graphics.

Cloudberry3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

These pics.........

Killzone 3 Pre-Alpha Code > Killzone 2??? O_o

sikbeta3024d ago

Well, that's How it Works, GG is making KZ3D as Amazing as Possible, this Game will be a Total Beast...

StanLee3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

It's amazing what lighting and a change in environment can do. The level of detail in Killzone 3 just stands out! Amazing quality. I hope co-op is announced soon.

Conloles3024d ago Show
BulletToothtony3024d ago


yes and better than your precious 560p amazing games..

TotalPS3Fanboy3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

"'Killzone 3 best FPS graphics. '
Haha in what 720P at 30FPS?"

Yes. Killzone 3, in 720P at 30FPS, graphically beats all the shit and urine out of Crysis 2 in 1080P at 60 FPS, and then forces all those shit and urine Crysis 2's throat.

And now that your question is answered, please go play Crysis 2 so we gamers can have a productive discussion.

gameseveryday3024d ago

Again goes to show how Killzone 3 will eventually better Killzone 2.

Fishy Fingers3024d ago

Ahhh Conloles, the die-hard PC gamer that's only to be found in console threads.

IHateYouFanboys3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

"Killzone 3 Pre-Alpha Code > Killzone 2"

lol at some people just not getting the whole 'pre-alpha' thing.

Killzone 3s 'pre-alpha' engine is MORE polished than Killzone 2s finished engine. why? BECAUSE IT IS USING THE FINISHED KILLZONE 2 ENGINE!!! theyre not making a whole new engine, theyre just making additions to the Killzone 2 engine.

Killzone 3s engine does not technically have a 'pre-alpha' stage, because it is using a completed engine to begin with.

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-Mezzo-3024d ago

Killzone 3 Looks better than anything that is to come out in the period of next 2 years,

Jay5203024d ago

Don't count out Uncharted 3 if it comes out in 2011.
Infamous 2 looks good also.

SoSLy3024d ago

What about Gears of War 3? GT5? Last Guardian? Halo Reach?

MRMagoo1233023d ago

Gears of war 3 and reach lol what about them ,killzone 2 looks better than them

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D4RkNIKON3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Haters can hate, but Killzone 3 will be my most anticipated title for the next year. I still play Killzone 2 all the time and can't wait to see what they do with the multiplayer for KZ3.

I loved being able to play all of the different game types in one big battle, so much diverse gameplay. Not to mention the class system giving different abilities and weapons. The clan system is amazing too.

gameseveryday3024d ago

I second that. But I really think the online modes could use a bit of work. I am not saying its bad...but definitely things could go amazing in Killzone 3 if they work on it.

Hellsvacancy3024d ago

K2's like a Beta for K3, those pre alpha shots looks SICK

The PS3 is leaps ahead of the competition in the graphics department, if u cant c that your dumb

Noble Spartan3024d ago

Yes graphics of this game are awesome.

MNicholas3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

The first game was absolutely stunning.

The new one takes it to the next level with gorgeously animated ocean wavess, moving ice-bergs, etc... It's all possible because of the Cell processor.

Keep in mind that the RSX, which based on the performance of the 7900GT (it's identical twin in PC gaming) has the raw shader power to run games like Bioshock, Gears, and Battlefield 2 at max settings at better than 720P. So if you can overcome bottlenecks in bandwidth and RAM by utilizing all the buses, memory pools and caches, it can already produce some stunning visuals.

With Killzone 2 and, even more so, with Killzone 3, someone on another tech forum put GG's method of obtaining such unbelievable visuals in perspective really well and I'll explain it here.

Anyone who plays games on a PC knows that the moment you disable even just AA, your frame-rate shoots up.

With Killzone 3, what GG have done is disable AA on the GPU and moved it fully to the Cell processor. This alone gave them a big boost in frame-rate which they applied towards the better textures and shading you're seeing. In addition, because the Cell is so ridiculously powerful and fast, the AA is vastly better than what a GPU would do anyway.

So, similar to that, they've made other changes as well.

IHateYouFanboys3024d ago

"With Killzone 3, what GG have done is disable AA on the GPU and moved it fully to the Cell processor. This alone gave them a big boost in frame-rate which they applied towards the better textures and shading you're seeing."

thanks for making all that up, but if you could stop spreading lies it would be nice.

the AA that Killzone 2 uses is Quincunx. it uses basically NO resources, as all it does is blur the entire screen. so removing that AA does NOT give them any sort of performance boost whatsoever. its like saying that changing the colour of the HUD from white to red made the framerate increase 50% - its a flat out lie.

and Guerilla have NOT said that they are using Cell-based Anti-Aliasing. in fact, the only confirmation we have from Guerilla about their Anti-Aliasing in Killzone 3 is that it is NOT using the method used in God of War 3:

the question:
"We hear often how the SCEWWS share tech from their various games, will KZ3 be implementing the God of War 3 Anti Aliasing technique (which Littlebigplanet 2 will also be using)?"

the reply:
"Good question. We share a lot of inspiration with the other studios. But we all have our own Tech."

Akagi3024d ago

D'aww, Conloles. The little entry level troll. :')

Rhythmattic3024d ago

One thing I have learnt about KZ, is Static/Stills do not ever do the game justice.

Big Frank3024d ago

There are a lot of PS3 fans on this site that make out graphics to be the most important aspect of a game. They spout that games such as KZ2 are even innovative because of the grapics. A lot of people here spent $600 dollars on their PS3. With that kind of money spent on a PC you can play games that make KZ2 look last gen, check out ARMA 2.

Graphics on the PS3 are pathetic compared to a good PC. Ha HA I laugh at you pathetic fanboys spewing about graphics.

In the big picture, KZ3 just looks pretty good and nothing else.

Red Panda3024d ago

You just stick to ALL those pc games that are dropping left and right. I'll go spend 600$ on a pc to play what exactly? One game worth playing every 2-3 years. Shut your mouth. Who the hell writes ha ha? You're dumb.

Big Frank3024d ago im dumb because i write "hha ha"? Um, no. Im just not that used to writing lol in posts because i dont post in forums that often.

Oh i also game on the 360 so i do get a break from all the games that are on pc that put every game on the PS3 to shame grahically.

What games will you play on PC? Well...let me see....ARMA 2 for one, maybe napoloen total war? The new diablo game is making my balls wet too. Not to mention all the mods and bizzilions of free maps out there.

Dont even start kid. I own you.

DeathMetal3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Nice to see someone speak the truth but we are in PS3 dellusion land Killzone looks better than real life LOL

TengkuAmir103023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

PC games shit on PS3 games? You're the only one delusional here, nutcase. ARMA 2? I know your just joking so I'm not going to reply on that one. Let me check your only have the money to buy PC and the wonder. Killzone 3 shits on Arma 2 in terms of graphics and gameplay. Unlike you, I actually own all 3 consoles and with a gaming computer. I built my own PC to play games and I was left disappointed as most of the games are mediocre.

RAM: DDR2 8 GBs.
Processor: Intel Quad Core 2.8Ghz.
Monitor: A HP monitor with Full HD. I can give you proof of this with pictures.
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P55
Graphics Card: Sapphire ATI RADEON HD 5850
Controller I use for gaming purposes: XBOX 360 controller for Windows.
HDD: SATA 500gb

I play a lot of games with it but unfortunately, only pirated ones. I download every of my PC games at, you name it, Rapidshare has it. PC has everything I tell you, but it does not have a PS3.

And just to add to that unfortune, my PC can't do Blu-Ray and for that very reason i consider it last gen. Although I can just buy a BR enabled disk player for my PC to watch movies in real high quality, I don't need to do that. I already have a PS3.


Btw, is that you conloles?

MRMagoo1233023d ago

Can anyone explain how you can get "wet balls" from any game? Diablow might be ok i wasnt a fan of the old ones i like rpgs that have variety myself rather than go into the dungeon kill things come out sell loot go back into the dungeon get further in kill more things come back out to sell loot again back into the dungeon again get a few more floors down then back up to town again to sell loot till the game in complete. How fun is uncharted 2 on that pc or ur fat frank?

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BABY-JEDI3023d ago

The game does look amazing though, & better things are to come. Early days on this baby ; ) keep it up GG

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Valay3024d ago

Obviously Killzone 3 is looking better.

piroh3024d ago

when i first saw ingame Killzone 2 video i thought PS4 isn't needed, that video was better than pre-rendered scene from pixar movie, but now...
i am speechless... how can this be possible?

halocursed3024d ago

Killzone 2 + SNOW = Killzone 3

TheHater3024d ago

So you have played the full game of Killzone 3 to even make a stupid comment like that? So tell me, how is the Jungle and "Space" levels because Killzone 2 lack both of those

TheN4GUser3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

You are sad halocursed

gameseveryday3024d ago

what? I mean no offence...But I dont agree with you on that. Killzone 3 looks fa detailed then 2.

TKCMuzzer3024d ago

Halo 3 + over rated reviews + over exposure = millions of gullible purchasers. Wow this is easy. KZ3 looks good, lets all just admit it.

Big Frank3024d ago


Ha ha your post is so sad.

Ok, lets say your logic is sound. How do you explain the millions still playing today? Do you think they are doing it to spite everyone and prove them wrong?

Please explain to everyone why you think so many people play the game and why they didn't throw it away when they realised after playing it the first time it was no good. And please dont say "CUz Xbopxes got noes gamezzz!!!." because you already seem retarded.

OneSneakyMofo3024d ago

Says the guy with Halo in his name. What version of Halo are you guys on now? 1.5?

Spenok3024d ago

Except for the fact KZ3 looks better. Yeah it may be my a marginal amount, however the edges look nicer. Textures look better. And pretty much the over all picture is crisper and clearer. The game looks great.

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alphakennybody3024d ago

The most noticeable difference is the scale. Killzone 3 is going to be HUGE!

sikbeta3024d ago

Totally, KZ3D will be HUGE in So Many Ways...

Sparkyeyes3024d ago

Killzone 2 is a historical game for the ps3, nothing beats it