The Last Story trailer explained

ONM: The first trailer for The Last Story gives us the first opportunity to get sense of what it's all about. ONM have picked out the highlights and told us what we can learn about the game.

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Cloudberry3114d ago

My impressions :

* Reminded me sooo much of Final Fantasy (duh, obviously! XD), the characters, monsters, battle system (although it's different).

* Cover + Stealth system in the battle = COOL.

* The graphics are nice for Wii.

* At 1:28, although it's not exactly a "con", I noticed that the walking animation of the character is......... Slow... Of course, I didn't expect it to run at the same frame per second a-la Tidus of Final Fantasy X, but... Is it the video or is it real???

Overall, should be a great RPG, in my opinion.

N4g_null3113d ago

Have you seen xenoblade yet?

Im thinking this is going to be a great RPG also.

browngamer43113d ago

Holy crap it looks effin epic! I especially liked the dark tone the game seems to carry..and the chick at the end humming that song-sick!