Character Vs. Character: Cloud Vs. Squall

Platform Nation: This week’s battle is one for the fanboys. It pits two RPG titans from different worlds into one epic battle that will leave you wanting more: Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII versus Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. Which of these heavy hitters will come out victorious? Only time will tell, but before we can delve into the crux of this story, I must first present you with the skinny on these iconic characters.

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SupaGamer3027d ago

Cloud wins. Squall is annoying and his gunblade is useless.

Bobbykotickrulesz3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Sephiroth descends from the heavens and murders both Cloud and Squall in one swift slash.

Game over. Sephiroth wins.


Ah whatever, I don't watch Japanimation movies anyway. Sephiroth is less of a wuss so he wins by default.

Army_of_Darkness3026d ago

Umm..FF7:advent children says otherwise bro.

Cloud Wins! OMNISLASH.

evrfighter3026d ago

Cloud wins only if it's not cg animated cloud. If it's cg cloud they both lose

Chewy1023026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Cloud doesn't use omnislash in AC. The limit he used on Sephiroth in AC was Omnislash v5.

Omnislash is when he hits a random target 14-15 times ending with a super heated Braver. Omnislash v5 is when he splits his sword around a single airborn target slashing it once with each sword using supersonic speed.

Army_of_Darkness3026d ago

He doesn't use omnislash, but he uses omnislash v5.... Okay. But it's safe to say that he took out sephiroth with omnislashes rite?! in FF7 and AC!

btw, squall stands no chance against cloud. He's a super soldier!

Chewy1023026d ago

Well in FF7 Could only kills Sephiroth with omnislash if you chose to. If you wait a little bit after your limit bar fills Sephiroth will attack and Cloud will auto-counter with a normal attack killing him. So one could argue that Could never used omnislash on Sephiroth since that's the players choice and not in the script.

As for Cloud being a "super soldier", you're wrong. The original Cloud never got past Soldier 3rd class and thus he never was fully enhanced with Mako nor Jenova cells. The Cloud in FF7 and AC was a failed Sephiroth clone not a member of Soldier. He thought he was Soldier 1st class because those where Zack's memories taking over in place of his own being trapped in the lifestream.

As you can tell Iv played/watched the FF7 games/movies to damn much (other than Before Crisis. Don't like phone games). Im the same with Broly from Dragon Ball Z.

DJexs3026d ago

Cloud was never even a soldier

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klado3026d ago

Wrong, Zidane wins, thank you!

Chewy1023026d ago

Squall's gunblade is one hell of a weapon. Not only is it a standard two hand single edge sword it's a damn six shot revolver style shotgun! How is that a bad weapon?

You must be thinking of Seifer's (spelling?) gunblade. That's the one that's just a 9mm pistol with a three foot blade added to the end.

On topic-

It's a hard call either way. Squall is well rounded and has a gun for range. Cloud has a lot of power and can use the sword as a shield. If Cloud uses the sword from FF7:AC (forget the name) could also take apart the sword for better speed at the cost of power and defence.

Id have to vote for Cloud. He may not have the range Squall has but he can change his fighting style mid battle if needed.

Deputydon3026d ago

I'm just gonna go ahead and say they both would lose because Chrono would simply go back in time and rape both their mothers...

Spenok3025d ago

I agree that Cloud wins, but you cant write off Squall so quickly. And his gunblade isn't totally useless.

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Parapraxis3026d ago

Word, it's hard to tell who is more effeminate. That is what they are comparing..right?

CrzyFooL3026d ago


Bobbykotickrulesz3026d ago

That's what she... Oh fuck it. We all know the joke.

I'm getting myself a sammich :D

RedPawn3026d ago

That was some funny shit.

CountDracula3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Are they guys or girls? I can't tell!

Stupid gay EMO/Japanese haircuts.


Not prejudice but the plain truth! (Unless you are BLIND)

Parapraxis: I wouldn't type that because it sounds mean. YOU IS SICK.

Parapraxis3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I think the word you are looking for is androgynous jlg112592. Well that is if you didn't want to come off as a tool.
EDIT: lol, grade A edit mate ;)

BubbRubb3026d ago

Cloud is less emo... but his name is "Cloud"....

i can't decide.

Arnon3026d ago

>Cloud is less emo

Lol? He's considered like... the epitome of emo for the FF franchise. Ever seen Advent Children?

seij5553026d ago

He DID have a terminal illness though.

BubbRubb3026d ago

squall turned being emo into an art form

ThanatosDMC3026d ago

Squall did get the girl in the end... though she was such a slut. Yep, it's implied that she had sex with Seifer all ready. That would have been funny if after the end credits it says something like "Squall contracted herpes after that night."

Anyway, i like Squall better than Cloud.

Also, it is implied after the second fight with Seifer at the end of Disk 2.

Neo Nugget3026d ago

What does his name have to do with anything?

Parapraxis3026d ago

Clouds are generally considered "gloomy" lol...ya I know crazy characters with names that are actual words with meaning!

BubbRubb3026d ago

Squall is also a word, and it's much more masculine than "cloud".

i'd say the two are even.

also, ff8 is really good.

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