Twisted Gamer Radio - Playstation Move And The Wii Are "Kind of The Same"?

Hey guys! Dalyn and Justin back here again to bring you another exciting episode of Twisted Gamer Radio. It seems like our episodes keep getting longer and longer, but that’s a good thing because it’s chocked full of news, bits, and funny TGR goodness. Hope you enjoy today’s show!

On today’s show:

- Roger Ebert’s Change of Heart

- Peter Molyneux: Wii and Playstation Move “Kind Of The Same”

- No Way Infamous 2 Would Be Possible On The 360

- Predator Uses Call of Duty To Get Ballsack Pics

- Sound Clip Corner: Lady Doesn’t Care For Human Life

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gypsygib3026d ago

'Kinda the same', that's just like PS3 and 360, which is a good thing! Journalists have heaped much praise on many Wii games, who's to say that Sony franchises can't benefit from an alternate controller scheme. Moreover, the difference between Move and Wii is actually greater than the difference between 360 and PS3; Move does motion control tech a lot better by adding far greater precision; PS3 and 360 are far more comparable tech/gameplay wise. Fanboys aside, who here wishes the industry ONLY had 360 or ONLY had PS3, I certainly don't.

raztad3026d ago

It cant be helped. People need to try PSMOVe by themselves and make their mind. I know I'll do in due time.

McCullster3026d ago

I apologize for the inconvenience N4G gamers, but the Loot Ninja site had some technical difficulties this afternoon after posting this podcast on here and won't be available until tomorrow. The server crashed and I will have to post the episode from a backup I have from home.

Sorry dudes!

Justin M.
Twisted Gamer Radio

Samus HD3025d ago

so this is over for sony (they saw that the Wii is dominating and they didn't know what to do - they just create a Wii) -4-

i think in the next generation Sony will do just what nintendo does

McCullster3025d ago

Like I mentioned up above we had some technical difficulties with the Loot Ninja site today and I just wanted to pop back on and give an updated link to the podcast for you guys to listen.


jneul3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

misinformed article, I hate them ps move is much better than wii, it has been in development since early as 2004 here is my proof, enjoy and get these guys especially biased Molyneux re-educated , please