The E3 Xbox givaway

Game consultant Will Porter asks whether freebies are damaging consumer trust in journalism.

On one side politicians fiddle their expenses and ex-royals cash in on their relatives. On the other newspapers and TV channels back the party Murdoch has done a deal with, and in-between times their competitions milk us for our hard-earned money.

We increasingly live in an age of consumer cynicism that drags down both those in a position of power and those whose role it is to report on them. Worse still, this public mistrust is well placed – actively fuelled by real-life greed and a tail-chasing media.

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leapfrogger3023d ago

Well written. Well said. It does appear that some video game journalism sites and some game companies get too comfortable with each other. Greasing the wheels with large give-aways like the Xbox 360 at this most recent E3 was probably a little too much from Microsoft.

LilSis3023d ago

they gave all thoes Xboxes away as compansaton for how there confrance suxed

gcolley3023d ago

since when has journalism been trustworthy? this is not new