FIFA 2011: Next Gen Console Football Engine arrives for PC

Electronic Arts announced today that the football engine that drives the award-winning EA SPORTS FIFA gameplay on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has arrived for PC. Two years in development, the console game engine has been optimised for PC, delivering next generation console-quality gameplay, game modes and visuals to FIFA 11 PC.

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nickjkl3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

swhen they say nxt gen do they mean

what the ps4 would do


next gen speaking as if we are still using ps2 and calling the ps3 next gen

it confuses me because why would you call something thats present next gen

tunaks13121d ago

i heard fifa on pc has been abysmal for a long time

turok3121d ago

... thanks to mods its bettter than the console versions xD.

seriously aside more leagues damnit :(

ChickeyCantor3121d ago

vuvuzela in 7.1 surround sound....