StarCraft II Beta Phase two only 12 days

StarCraft: IncGamers report that the second phase of StarCraft II's beta will only be open for a mere 12 days.

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Chazmers3023d ago

better than none I suppose

Porco3023d ago

True, but still.... 12 days only? :(

JsonHenry3023d ago

I'll take it! Especially since the game is actually coming out the week after the phase 2 beta ends.

Terrice3023d ago

12 days is less than 2 weeks, it seems pretty quick to me.

But I guess they need to be ready for the release at the end of the month.

Porco3023d ago

Oh... I had expected to get at leats up until a few days before launch, like more than 14 days!

sh8kes3023d ago

Wow yea, another phase so close to the release

Djorgo3023d ago

Bit disappointing, but what can one do?

Well, if the bloody servers could come up, I'd whine less :P

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The story is too old to be commented.