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pramath16053026d ago

Frankly, I'm kind of relieved. I mean, Assassin's Creed is really one of my favourite games franchises this generation, and I really wouldn't want it to be milked to the extent of utter saturation. It's nice to see that Ubisoft have a level head on their shoulders, and that they plan on using the liscense judiciously.

Hellsvacancy3026d ago

Yeah but im sure there will b a load of DLC for BrotherHood next year

Eamon3026d ago

This is because Assassin's Creed III will come out in 2012. They want to release the game near the actual timeline of the story.

Probably for marketing purposes =)

Quagmire3026d ago

I hope that, despite 2012 being the end of the Desmond trilogy, they wont stop from going into different time/place periods like Ancient Egypt, Feudal Japan, French Revolution etc, playing as other assassins from Desmonds ancestory, or even someone elses.

Kerrby3026d ago

Damn, this is the only series that I would buy a yearly release of.

Assassins Creed 2 is my favourite series this gen :).

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kingdavid3026d ago

I wouldve rathered a proper AC sequel in 2011 then brotherhood this year :(

cobraagent3026d ago

it hasn't turned to an anual franchise Take your time Ubisoft and create your amazing games

pramath16053026d ago

I know, and I agree completely. Although remember that a long development time isnt always equal to a better game. Conviction took so long to develop, but it turned out to be one of the worst Splinter Cell games. Damn, I just wish they'd stuck with what makes the series so good in the first place :(

PhantomT14123026d ago

And Assassin's Creed II with two years of development was buggy and had two sequences cut to DLC while being a good game, and even better than the first episode.

jay23026d ago

Good, don't rush your self, but don't do the long dev time terrible game.

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Starlight3026d ago

That's good news.

Does anybody know when development of ACBH started? If it started after ACII then I wouldn't be really pleased.

cjflora3026d ago

I think they were working on it before they finished ACII, but didn't have room for it. I read an interview where they talked about how they wanted to make Rome bigger in the final game, but didn't have room for it so they decided to release it separately. Someone must have decided they could add multiplayer and release it as it's own entity instead of DLC though.

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