Over 6 million Brits can't see 3D

According to a study carried out by UK charity The Eyecare Trust, over six million Brits have poor binocular vision, meaning they have difficulty or cannot see 3D effects in games and movies.

"It's more than you think," Dharmesh Patel, chairman of The Eyecare Trust, told MCV. "About 12 per cent have 3D vision problems and you'll find a similar percentage worldwide.

"I don't think there are any long-term negative impacts. But it can create really bad headaches and aches behind the eyes."

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Omega43025d ago

Things like this is why 3DTV will never become standard. You can't block out 12% of the worlds population from watching TV/films/playing video games.

jay23025d ago

Sadly, Panosonic and sharp, LG, Sony etc disagree with you, their even making full sizes TV's that don't require glasses, and you can see the 3D effect everywhere.

thewrathman3025d ago

my brother told me he watched alice in wonderland in 3d and and coudnt see the effect.i thought he was talking crap,and told him he must have ass eye.

i guess he might not have lying.then i was in euronics lookin at the demo 3d tv by panasonic.i put on the shutter glasses and could see no 3d effect.

i dont no if they didnt have them calibrated or if there is an on switch for the glasses.

it might be a good idea to try before you with 3dtv.

mikeslemonade3025d ago

That some BS! The technology will get better and everyone will see 3D. Unless you completely colorblind then there's an issue.

zootang3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

A lot of people couldn't see HD.

Christopher3025d ago

1. Omega4 is absolutely correct. 12% is a huge portion of a population to move only towards 3D technology. 2D will remain the standard technology for viewing movies. 3D will always be an 'option' for those movies who wish to go that route. Most film critics agree with this as well considering the element of 3D doesn't add anything to the story being told, only tends to distract from it in fact.

2. @mikeslemonade... No clue why people agree with you but in order to use non-holographic projection 3D you need the use of both eyes. There is no way to do '3D' viewing without two eyes. Absolutely none. Personally, when I view 3D with the glasses, all it does is blend the two images into one flat image because my right eye is legally blind and cannot force the 3D perspective at its level of vision. This is why many of those 6 million brits can't see 3D, one of their eyes isn't strong enough to establish the necessary view required.

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koehler833025d ago

Maybe when they sell 5.28 BILLION 3D devices they will start to worry about that other 12%.

thewrathman3025d ago

nice math..but your assuming 3rd world countries buy 3dtv..'oh man im so hungry,ill just watch my 3dtv and forget about food and water'.

Spydr073025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

And you're assuming it will always be expensive to watch 3D. Truth be told, you don't know that.

vhero3025d ago

Ah but 12%? that means 88% can still watch 3D and if you look at owners of consoles now I bet no where near 88% of homes own a ps3 or 360 so that 12% isn't that big. It will become standard but I think it will always be a choice. Some people will still prefer 2D over 3D.

Venatus-Deus3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Over 40% of men over the age of 40 have erection problems.

Do the other 60% give a shit? Does it mean there isn’t a market for middle age swinger parties?

garos823025d ago

bubbles up for swinger communities!

NYC_Gamer3025d ago

hes just acting like 3D is bad because 360 doesnt support it right now

Spydr073025d ago

I disagree. I'm color deficient and cannot see all shades of reds vs greens. Have those colors been taken out of entertainment? Nope. I'd bet that the number of people who are color deficient > those who cannot see 3D and we have to deal with it. They're not special and will not get treated as such.

This article is stupid. What's next? "1 in 6 mice have trouble reaching the orange button in Guitar Hero / Rock Band. Removal of the button imminent."

sikbeta3025d ago

What's your Point Omega, when 3DTVS replace current HDTVs, the people that can't see 3D will be able to use theit 3TVS as 2D-HDTVs and don0t come with crap like "but teh price" cos price will go down and 3DTVS will be more Affordable

Dude, you can't have something new cos Sony is Pushing it, remember, the Whole Electronic Industry is Pushing 3D to make it the Norm, just Deal With it...

Blitzed3025d ago

I have terrible vision in my right eye yet I see 3D just fine. I was amazed by Avatar 3D (my right eye leaked like a tap by the end but I still enjoyed it)

MRMagoo1233024d ago

thats called crying ....come on you can admit it you where caught crying while watching avatar and had to make up a story about ur "bad" eye lol

rkimoto3025d ago

Come on dude, there will always be a part of the population that can't use a type of technology, as also there are blind people that can't watch TV's.

It's pretty obvious that always somebody's gonna be left out, and unfortunately for those people it shouldn't mean that something shouldn't be pursued because of it.

Instead of posting "hater" comments be constructive next time.

All the best!

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Wizziokid3025d ago

and I'm one of those people

SUP3R3025d ago

So am I. Never cared for 3D, never will. *shrug*

fezthabest3025d ago

Well not to be a douche BUT

You can't care for it if u could never experience it

SUP3R3023d ago

I meant prior to knowing I couldn't view it.

SilPho3025d ago

Me too. It doesn't cause discomfort, it just looks totally flat when I put the glasses on.

Zir03025d ago

Thats a lot of people indeed, I'm sure it pretty hard for people with glasses to watch 3D too. And I'm sure the percentage of people who wear glasses is a lot higher than 12%.

I wonder if Sony knew about this before they started backing 3D.

Statix3024d ago

Um, have you heard of Avatar? That movie made 3 billion dollars, and it's in spite of all these supposed four-eyed people. I'm pretty sure that 3D is going to do pretty freaking well for itself despite some people not being entirely comfortable with it.

Just because you're biased against Sony and want to discount their products in any way possible, doesn't mean you have to exaggerate or distort the truth.

seij5553025d ago

This is like saying people with poor vision cant tell the diff between HD and SD. HD still sells and works so I don't see what the problem is.

Wizziokid3025d ago

I can't see 3D but I can tell the difference between HD and SD...

Zir03025d ago

"I don't see what the problem is"

How about the fact that people feel pain when watching TV? That didn't happen with HD did it now.

jay23025d ago

20-20 vision for me :), I've not had problems with movies etc and could see the 3D effects on the 3DS's E3 videos.

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