Robot Entertainment rekindles old Microsoft flame

Robot Entertainment, the development outfit formed from the ashes of axed studio Ensemble, is said to be teaming up with the very publisher that shut it down.

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qface643077d ago

this to me is like your girlfriend dumping you then calling you over to move her furniture for her

but hey what do i know
i still think this whole matter is stupid enssemble never needed to be shut down
they just needed to make age of empires 4 and go back to the old ages like the 1st
yep yep

DelbertGrady3077d ago

None of us were there during the procedures. Some assume that they must be mad at each other just because Ensemble seized to be. ensemble might have had inner conflicts that forced some of its members to leave and star a new studio. If they still consider partnering with MS then that suggests that their relationship to them is pretty healthy.

Unbiased13077d ago

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice(eventually) shame on me.