Rockstar Re-Releasing The Greatest Grand Theft Auto Of Them All?

Kotaku writes: "Curiously, a new rating turned up yesterday on Australia's Classification Board website for a game that was first released nearly eight years ago. Wonder why that would be?

As you can see below, the rating is fresh as of yesterday, for what's tagged as a "modified" version of the classic Grand Theft Auto title Vice City. There's little else of use to be gained from the rating (the "Multi Platform" bit is often inaccurate on Aussie ratings)."

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Quagmire3024d ago

Vice City 80's was the best decade of American culture in GTA games. the music, the style, the fashion, the cars, the neon lights, would LOVE to see either PSCollection version with trophy support, or full fledged GTA4 styled Vice City remake.

pwnzter3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Of the GTA titles, Vice City is second on my list. GTA SA imo is the best GTA. Any word on R* working on SA Stories?

edit: Get off tommy vercetti's balls people. SA is the greatest. Keep the disagrees coming you noobs.

r1sh123023d ago

GTA S.A, In my opinion was also the greatest but many people didnt like the insanely big spaces that were just desert.
Im sure they will make HD re release of the game, they have done so with san andreas on xbox live.
I just hope the next GTA has all the things that VC/SA had owning businesses that make you money etc..
I loved that I could make money from business.

Man In Black3023d ago

They killed my brother! What did you expect me to do, mow his lawn?

MysticStrummer3023d ago

I didn't like VC or SA as much as GTA3. SA would be my 3rd favorite with VC a distant 4th because it was the only GTA that I lost interest in and didn't finish the story. I don't understand why people like it so much, but also don't understand why people hate on GTA4 so much. I'd say 4 is better than VC or SA. To me, 3 and 4 are like Goodfellas while VC and SA are like Scarface. Scarface isn't bad but it's no Goodfellas.

3023d ago
thewrathman3023d ago

am i the only one who is still a fan of the overhead city views of the originals?

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Rainstorm813023d ago

one thing about GTA:VC, it really captured the rages to riches feel of a open world crime game,

I also felt like Tony Montana the entire time, when i got the mansion i was like damn this is right out of Scarface.

Raf1k13023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

If you wana play it in HD just buy the old PC version (dirt cheap now) as it'll run on just about any computer now and you can use your 360 controller too. You can even play it on your HDTV but the downside is that you won't get any trophies or achievements.

MRMagoo1233023d ago

or you could play it using a keyboard or better still a ps3 controller which is better than those weird arse 360 controllers with the analogs in wierd spots like hands are different on each of your arms why put one analog high and one low makes no sense at all.

Man In Black3023d ago

I hope they change the camera control to the one in later games. When you moved the right analogue stick, it went into first person view, which sucked. Also, manual aiming with all guns, please.

whoelse3023d ago

I will buy this in a heart beat! I love GTA. And I played Vice City for hundreds of hours, and I would play it for another hundred.

sonicsidewinder3023d ago

"Are you the man with the big Cajonés?!?"

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vhero3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Rumour is it's going to be upgraded into HD with trophy support for PS3 like other games. Side Note GTA : VC is the greatest GTA ever made.

ThanatosDMC3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I say San Andreas is the best for story, gameplay, plot progression, variety, content, scope, unlockables, challenges, etc. CJ was by far the best protagonist in all GTA games and the most customizeable.

You can dive underwater too and look for oysters and what not.

I've forgotten how much of a disappointment GTA4 was compared to SA.

Anybody, remember helping the same guy we robbed several missions before and the mini go cart chase against that wanna be rapper? There was a weird short mission in which CJ had to catch this guy who was gonna jump off a building and you had to catch him in a pickup full of hay.

Most people remember VC for its awesome music. I do too... but i cant recall any other missions besides the bank with face masks, on the helicopter shootout, and the last mission which i beat using the auto shotty.

darren_poolies3023d ago


I couldn't agree with you more, imo SA is the definitive GTA title. I would love it if GTA5 was set in SA, with a different protagonist and story. I would jump with joy the day that happened.

ThanatosDMC3023d ago

Same here. GTA4 was a huge step backwards but most people that played it probably never touched SA and was enthralled by the physics engine.

MRMagoo1233023d ago

I have to agree too SA was and is the best GTA made there was sooo much more diversity than previous and future GTAs.There was plenty to keep me going back like just searching around all the open spaces where no towns where for secrets and the like great game.

chak_3023d ago

one of my fav with san andreas

I loved bike in the street :D

CountDracula3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Only release if it includes nude beaches this time. Please...

T9X693023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

GTA San Andreas was better

EDIT: Hmmm lets see, 3 cities including deserts and country side compared to one city. More cars, bikes, BMX bikes, lawnmowers, jets, monster trucks, parachutes, swimming, hot coffee ;), more mini games, more missions, more side missions, customizable cars, customizable character (to an extent), 2 players. Hell you could even get fat! That game shits on every open world game to this day.

NnT32913023d ago

SA had more contents, but VC had style, thats why I still think it was better than SA

Silly gameAr3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

"GTA San Andreas was better"

I agree.

kingdavid3023d ago

When you say all that, its amazing how far backwards they went with GTA 4, not that I hated it but it was a tad underwhelming.

BYE3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I don't think a game is better just because it's bigger and has more content.

As Nn said, VC has more style and therefore is blatantly better than San Andreas. Fact.

Silly gameAr3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

No not fact. Opinion. You saying fact doesn't change anyone's opinion.

catguykyou3023d ago

It changed mine. I think I'm easily manipulated though...,

Man In Black3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

it was my first 3D GTA game, it had Tommy Vercetti as the main character instead of that whiny bitch CJ, it had a killer soundtrack, more gore, better weapon sounds, and the '80s time period was awesome. Oh yeah, and it had the Scarface mansion. Can't beat that.

Ah, nearly forgot. FUCKING SUPPLY LINES.

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