Where the God of War III Epilogue?

Since God of War III Launch in March, we have never seen a DLC or anything. But where is the possible Epilogue?

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kevco333025d ago

Delayed or cancelled? It'll be interestign to see how this turns out...

Quagmire3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )


I'm confused, he died so many times, but comes back alive. So, is he REALLY dead/deceased or what?

And also, because the underworld is completely broken after death of Hades, what happens to dead people, like when you kill gods, or when you kill dead people ie: skeletons/souls etc?

peowpeow3025d ago

Maybe they just..cease to exist :D I'd like to know too

Dramscus3025d ago

shhh your poking holes in the plot....
They gave the impression that he wouldn't return from the dead this time because he didn't have a purpose to live anymore ie revenge.

milf_sex3025d ago

It was never officially announced anyway. They just said it might return as free DLC or something.

BloodyNapkin3025d ago

Really? I mean really? "Where the God of War 3 Epilogue". People should be banned for writing titles like that.

Sneak-Out3025d ago

I hope that comes shortly :)

edhe3025d ago

Then it can be played b3yond.

CountDracula3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

You mean the third part in a trilogy isn't meant to be the end?


milf_sex3025d ago

3rd part of an amazing trilogy was the 3rd....
When there is a 4th part, it won't be a trilogy now, would it ? :P

Seriously though....the story is pretty much over (in terms of progression...there will always be prequels)..but the franchise isn't.

More God of War FTW !

Gitaroo3025d ago

Santa Monica never promise any dlc epilogue, they only said if they release one, it will be free.

Spenok3024d ago

I dont think this dude knew that before writing this. Lets hope it happens. It probably wont unfortunately though. Seeing as how there already hireing for there next project.

M-Easy3025d ago

Me really want one, very badly.

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The story is too old to be commented.