Pocket Gamer: Top 10 point-and-click adventure games on iPhone and iPad

Pocket Gamer:

Like a number of other genres, the term ‘point-and-click’ rings false when applied to the iPhone. Just as twin-stick shooters need a new name where played on a system with precisely zero analogue nubbins, and button mashers can’t be called button mashers when there aren't any buttons to mash, you don’t really point, and you definitely don’t click, in these iPhone adventures.

Maybe ‘drag-and-tap’ or ‘poke-and-prod’ or ‘touch-and-nudge’. Whatever the name, the iPhone and iPad are pretty much the perfect homes for this once loved, once forgotten, and recently revived genre. A series of incredibly beloved games that are categorised by incredible storylines, hilarious gags, and brain-meltingly obtuse and illogical puzzles.

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