New FFXIV Classes and Renders has given us a first look at five new Final Fantasy XIV classes, two of which belong to the "Disciples of the Land" and three that belong to the "Disciples of the Hand."

Also includes some new renders of previously released classes.

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Myst3024d ago

Hmm very nice, still not to sure which I'd go with. Woodworker or perhaps Harvester.

BubbRubb3023d ago

im gonna pick the class where you run around and do the same thing for days until you level up so you can go do something else for days. oh wait, that's all the classes.

lomion53024d ago

I cannot wait to delve into this game. Everything seems to be turning out pretty nice. Lovin' all the additions that I see.

Kurisu3023d ago

Are you at any FFXIV forum sites at all? Beyond Vana'diel may be of interest to you. Nice community coming along. Take a visit :)

LilSis3023d ago

this game will flop WoW is da way 2 go.

Kurisu3023d ago

I agree with you here! I was going to start the game as a Marauder, but now I'm unsure. I'm stuck between choosing a Gladiator, Lancer or a Pugilist! With a bit of Thamuturge thrown in lol. So much choice!

Baka-akaB3023d ago

lancer all the way , whenever i can , i always strive to be like the dragon knights of the ff series

TheHardware3023d ago

wheres my samurai? or my bst ...... I really hope the do bst or whatever its called correctly this time.

blasian3023d ago

No pet jobs at the launch of the game, but i will single handily take down SE if they do no implement a job like bst close to the launch.

Kurisu3023d ago

My guess is that more classes will be added for the PS3 release. It will breathe a bit of new life in to the community. Of course, this is just a guess on my part.

Reibooi3023d ago

alot of the jobs I liked and played alot in Final Fantasy XI are gone in FFXI.

Thief is nowhere to be found and based on the fact the puglist gets Steal it's likely Thief will never be in the game at all.

Samurai isn't there but will more then likey end up there later.

Ninja as well is gone but may be added later

I was hoping they would have all the FFXI jobs at launch and then add more new ones on top if that but oh well.

Myze3023d ago

While on the surface it would be nice to have all the jobs at the start, I'm not sure it would be practical. The gameplay is different from FFXI, so they couldn't just port over the jobs. A big part of MMOs is offering balance between class-types. Having to balance 20 (I think that's what it is now) jobs would be a nightmare to start the game out with. It would also be very confusing to most people just starting the game.

I'm not saying I wouldn't like to have the jobs from FFXI, but I can also see the benefit to the route they are heading. Offering jobs that are variants of the ones available in FFXI will make the game seem more fresh to long-time FFXI players, and the newcomers won't know the difference. Also, it's likely that there will still be plenty of jobs that must be unlocked (really haven't read up enough on it to know if they revealed this or not).

tda-danny3023d ago

FFXI already had more than enough jobs, meaning it wasn't really practical to just 'port them over and add a few more'.

FFXIV isn't having 'classes' per say. You can combine abilities from different classes to make your own class. This is why the class names are generic 'titles' like Gladiator, means sword user, then lancer, archer etc. You will be able mix and match abilities to make the class you like.

Many of the THF abilities have been split up and given to different classes, so you can make a sudo-ffxi THF in FFXIV if you wish.

JAMurida3023d ago

There will probably be more classes out in a year or so. I was thinking of not going too crazy with the jobs out now just in case they release a new job that I become to like more then the basic ones. My starting job will be Lancer and then maybe I'll try one of the mage classes.

ruiner44823023d ago

Remember XI started off with the what 6 original jobs. Then subsequently added more each expansion, I expect the same to follow here.

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