Editorial on Games Journalism/Former Xbox Executive Pushes Sony Exclusives

Torrence Davis from TheBitBag writes, "The tides have turned as a former Xbox Executive has been pushing to get more exclusives on the Sony Playstation 3. Did he give up on Microsoft or did Microsoft give up on him?


"Because of the decline of gaming journalism, the title and the first paragraph will probably garnish a lot of heat. I’m only doing this to prove a point. Trash sells and hard work goes unread. I have no idea how those exclusive deals were cut with EA and Sony, but I made an assumption for the purpose of this experiment."

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Lionhead3022d ago

I am pretty sure they are doing this because of Activision striking deals with 360

Conloles3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Who approved this crap? Seriously! This isn't news its just a whinge about not getting hits.

'The funny thing about all of this is everyone already knows this. Anyone who follows the industry and watched the E3 press conferences already knows this story. Because of the decline of gaming journalism, the title and the first paragraph will probably garnish a lot of heat. I’m only doing this to prove a point. Trash sells and hard work goes unread. I have no idea how those exclusive deals were cut with EA and Sony, but I made an assumption for the purpose of this experiment. '

'If you were looking for a flame bait article, you came to the wrong place and I guess…you just got punked!'

Wow and you just lost a reader permanently.

Army_of_Darkness3022d ago

I just gave a hit to a cry baby.....

ryhanon3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

It's funny to me that Torrence is ranting about this type of "journalism" and yet his site promotes hiphopgamer any and every chance they get.

Contradiction much?

Edit @ RoX -

Yeah I don't know, I don't particularly care for his show all that much, but I can accept the fact that other people do. What bothers me about him are his ridiculously sensationalist, flame-bait titles. If he cleaned that crap up, he wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

RoX_TimE_BomB3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

HH might have crappy titles... but usually if you watch his show he has really good interviews. Some people just dont care to watch and realize that.

And the fact he still needs to fix those god awful titles.

@Ryhanon Yeah I totally know what you mean... but actually if you read TheBitBag.. HHS article titles usually get changed for the same reason because no one wants to read that flamebait... People will try and help HH but its up to him to change... but as far as that site.. they change his titles if they dont think they are good enough "flamebait etc"

@Postedup ... good comment thats true and sad all in the same way :/

PoSTedUP3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

by just writing original quality articles, you will be appealing to a MUCH smaller fanbase (whether you care or not) in the gaming industry. us mindless gamers that read and comment on flamebate articles, like to. simple as that. we like controversy, commotion, debating, b**ching, venting, etc. etc. we love games and game news whether it be controversial or legitimate, it just has to appeal to us and be exciting, "wow", awesome, "good news", "haha that sux for ps3 fans" or whatever etc..

if you have the heart to keep your articles real and legitimate, then much respect to you man. not everyone can keep their dignity like that. this is gaming though. whether it be an avid reader, a social networker, a console defender (me lol), a gaming journalist etc.. we all have a great passion for one thing, and that is gaming.

@ rox- thanks i appreciate it. yeah it is sad... if we try to turn the industry around to make it like some people want it to be, i know for sure i wouldnt be happy with it. i love what i do, whether its right or wrong. i know yall love it too. its not perfect but hell i would never stop doing what i do. my love goes out to the gaming community.

I_find_it_funny3022d ago

But dude is right, and had a clever idea to make fools of y'all and myself

TotalPS3Fanboy3022d ago

Gamers on N4G prefer to read hate news.

iceman063021d ago

It's the Jerry Springer effect. Simply put, we have been so inundated with tabloid media that simple, smart journalism just doesn't cut it anymore. Just look at the media frenzy surrounding LeBron James. He became bigger than the entire playoff race. Why...because the media covered his every utterance on social media sites. There is simply too much access to information. Therefore, people now feel like instead of just reporting the story they must somehow make it interesting. Whether that be flamebait titles, fantastical speculation, or just flat out slandering a developer or console just for the sake of attention. The sad thing is that, for the majority of us, it actually works. I don't have HUGE issues with this, because everyone has the right to choose what is entertaining. I just wish that those expectations could be raised in order to elevate the entire industry. As a budding and infant industry, the last thing that gaming can afford to do is become a "me too", tabloid covered medium. That will only lead the average non-gaming Joe to continue to treat gaming as an infantile and ultimately trivial form of entertainment.

0verdrive3021d ago

i wrote this a bit lower, but to reiterate, i disagree that tor is a hypocrite.

hes actually a quality guy, in my opinion, and i think that he affiliates with hhg, kuz they know each other and are friends irl.

if you had a friend who had a site, but you guys didnt agree on how to run it, i'd assume that your friendship would be a stronger factor than your different opinions when considering whether or not to help promote each other's sites.

hhg thinks that flamebait articles and sensationalist journalism will propel him to fame, and if you look at where he is now, it seems to be working for him, so of course hes gonna continue.

tor on the other hand, feels that quality content will win more traffic in the long run because of repeat readers. i tend to agree with tor on this one, and appreciate his site more than hhg's.

tor's views are firm, and even though they dont agree on how to run their respective sites, i dont see why they should stop helping each other because of it.

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RememberThe3573022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

It's not a big deal though. Both Sony and EA had to do something. And as Kotick runs his fat mouth EA is actually making games for the PS3 while Activision just holds off on releasing Call of Duty DLC on PC and PS3.

@Consoles: The author must spend too much time on N4G. lol

EDIT: Haha it is Davis. He always seems to be butthurt over something.

yewles13022d ago

It's Tor Davis, HHG's perfect twin.

Sarcasm3022d ago

yewles1 I highly disagree.

I'd rather listen to HHG than this guy. At least HHG is infamous now in the gaming industry.

StanLee3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

But he's right though. He made an assumption that's not grounded in fact and stories like that personify gaming journalism. The problem is, he's a proponent of this so why is he surprised by what gaming journalism has become.

Double Toasted3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

If there is anything to undermine our culture and bring demise upon it, its gaming journalism. Its down right pathetic and shouldn't even be called journalism. IGN I'M LOOKING AT YOU!!!!! But after more! Seriously that site is crap.........nothing but ads and hyped games to be reviewed dismissively. Ms. Chobot, you're hot, but if the opportunity arises... leave IGN.

trounbyfire3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

dead space , dante's mirrors edge sold more on the PS3 and the last madden had a higher attach rate on PS3 meaning even though is sold less on PS3. out of all the ps3 owners more brought madden compared to all the 360 owners less brought madden but because of the higher install base and people choosing to play multiplat on the 360 it sold more copies

its business for the future when the ps3 gets the same install base numbers

WTF everything i said is 100% true but disagree...oh well it N4G and its part of the site i guess

Lionhead3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

lol Don't worry I got disagrees as well xD

I love it

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO more disagrees!

beardpapa3022d ago

Lol the rest of the article has nothing to do with the headline and reads more like a rant about poor gaming journalism.

1Victor3022d ago

This will sound like trolling but think about it Peter Moore was the big boss @ MS he knows the real numbers of consoles sold and also the true numbers of RROD consoles .Given time he will come out an tell us if and when there's no more Xbox brand like it happen with Sega, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
I know I'll get disagree its natural and to them I say this if you're old enough to have a job for a time period of a year or more you know you'll have friend in there now for x or y reason you don't work there anymore every time you meet them they'll tell you how things going good or bad who left and who got promoted by doing the boss.

vhero3022d ago

@Conloles wow your quick to give your opinion on flaim bait articles that are anti ps3 but when they are anti 360 you say things like that? Your so biased you make yourself look bad..

Christopher3022d ago

***Why is box art news worthy? Why do we keep regurgitating press releases? Do any of these sites have goals or are they just in it for free games and fame?***

Hits, hits, and more hits. No other reason.

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taz80803022d ago

Very intriguing article. Good points all around.

BrutallyBlunt3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

It is intriguing and it proves a major point, how shoddy journalism is and how easily influenced readers are regardless. To prove what I say is true look at your disagrees compared to your agrees. How sad is that?

It seems more people are interested in all the console wars crap than anything. I guess this what happens when game forums are infested with 12 year olds.

Spenok3021d ago

And this is exactly the reason i havent started a website yet. I plan to eventually. I just want to make sure its worthwhile and had good content worth reading. So im holding off until someone would actually want to read it.

damaster3022d ago

Yea i agree with Lionhead, EA is competing with Activision with MOH & COD Franchises

Thepro3183022d ago

Only way EA competes with COD if EA let respawn entertainment develop Black 2

damaster3022d ago

But Black is developed by Criterion. Isn't respawn made up of the guys that left infinity ward? not really sure if that's true but correct me if im wrong

ClownBelt3022d ago

If you actually read the article, the other half of it doesn't even have anything to do with the title. He's questioning the integrity of journalism, and in all honesty, I agree with him.

ryhanon3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

His message isn't wrong, but one must seriously question the level of conviction behind it when he continually supports folks like HHG who personify everything he is railing against.

@ Disagrees

Really? Davis rants against exactly what HHG *is* and yet promotes him at every opportunity. It's a hilarious contradiction and shows the hypocrisy on display here. I can't believe any of you are so naive to disagree with that.

0verdrive3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

tor doesnt blindly promote hhg, as everyone here seems to think. ive actually had email convos with tor, asking about hhg, and why he supports him. (because i, too am kinda tired of hhg's flamebait articles) he said that they talk to him about it, but hhg thinks that flamebait articles are the best way to get hits, raise his alexa, and propel him to fame. tor argues that quality content will bring repeat readers back to the site, generating more traffic in the long run.

i really like tor. i havent actually been to tbb in a while, kuz ive been too busy to keep up with gaming news, but tor is a quality guy. i think they actually know each other and are friends irl, so that is why he affiliates with hhg on his site. i mean, if your best friend had a website, but had a different opinion than you, id ASSUME that you'd still promote his site, despite your differences in opinion.

anyway, they do have different opinions on gaming journalism in general, but i dont think that should be reason to not affiliate oneself with another site belonging to a friend of someone you know

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