Resident Evil 5 Criticized for Racism

Capcom's Resident Evil 5 hasn't even got a release date, but it' s already drawn the ire of a blog devoted to African women.

Black Looks calls into question the game's setting as depicted in the trailer, first shown at this year's E3 in Santa Monica:

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THC CELL4157d ago

im black and i don't really care its just a game man.

TriggerHappy4157d ago

agree with you, but hey some people are very sensitive, personally i could care less what character they put in a game.

Blackmoses4157d ago

Give me a 1-800 number and call me Ms. Cleo....
For some reason I saw this comming, around the second time I saw the trailer.

MADGameR4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Me and my friend were talking about this a few weeks ago. This is rediculous. I mean, in RE4 they had a lot fo spanish people as villagers and I'm spanish. I did'nt consider it racist lol. Its rediculous! I guess because you play as Chris Redfield ''a white guy'' and beats the heck out of African villagers.. >_>

kevoncox4157d ago

And i wasn't offended by it. I usally get all riled up about issues as well. This isn't one of them. I hated the Sony Psp Ad : (
And other subtle racist gaming indifferences. However, I think that the people complaining do not know anything about resident evil. Heck, we don't even know anything about the game. If they had every played a RE game they would know.

I only fear the assholes that will be playing at home screaming, Die Ni**er, Die. That's my only issue with it. Some people will take this art and use it for evil...Se FORZA 2.

kevoncox4157d ago

The reason no- one said anything in the other RE is because 90 % of the chracters in games are white or asian( more white i think).

Had the industry not have such an obvious lack of black chracters ( No S-Train from GOW doesn't count as he loves talking that JIVE from the 70s's????????????) This wouldn't be such an outrage to some people.

Do i think RE5 is racist..Hell no. Do I think that in an industry where you hardly ever see a quality black person, a game where black zombies are killed by a white guy( aren't they already dead?) might be viewed by the less educated media as racist....Of course. You don't want situations like this? Get the gaming industy to embrace black people in games beside NBA street.

The more you know <rainbow>

rubarb234157d ago

I'm spanish and I didn't give a crap about RE4 villains being spanish freaks. Actually i thought it was cool. I liked it when they said something in spanish while they were after you trying to kill you. I think people need to chill and remember it's just a game, stop putting this racial crap into it cuz it's not about race man. just my $0.02

coolmatrix4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

CAPCOM must pull this game.

A white man goes around MURDERING BLACK people!!!

This game will NEVER make it to Market.

I will make sure the NAACP hears about this so that Capcom PULLS this game!!


CAPCOM has stepped beyond reason. I will fight with every black organization to make sure this game NEVER gets released!!!!

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -----

Letter sent to CAPCOM.....


I am asking that you NOT release the title Resident Evil 5 (Biohazard 5).

This game depicts a WHITE man murdering BLACK men, women and children.

How can you without conscience release a game to the worldwide marketplace depicting MURDEROUS acts by a white man over a black population.

Please work with me to NOT release this title.

Should you continue with a release date, I will as a black man make sure the NAACP and others move to make sure this title never sees the marketplace.

I cannot even recall ANYTHING that Capcom has done for the black community.

I have begun to compile letters to be sent to your advertisers with your shameless entertainment of a white man murdering black people.

I will ALSO contact my representative of Congress to let them see the trailers of the dehumanizing portrayal of black men.

I ask you to use CORPORATE GOODWILL and not release a title yet again showing the black man as nothing more than someone that should be MURDERED in fantastic ways.

Have you forgotten the slavery of the black man and the continuation of his impediment using discrimination.


Thank you.

Geohound4157d ago


And Whites Murdering Whites(RE1-3) or Whites Murdering Spaniards(RE4) is?

When you let the racism in your heart die, get on the internet. In the meantime? GTFO.

snoop_dizzle4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

first off, isn't re5 taking place in an African country? So in that case wouldn't the likely that he just so happened to be black? Unless it could be a white African or something.

Maybe they probably shouldn't of even made the game to take place in africa.

Even though they probably meant nothing by it.

Maybe sweeden or something like that.

sevenout4157d ago

Black on Black violence is infinitely more an issue in the real world than white on black violence; I.E. "Hate Crimes."

Look at the Sudan massacres; religious black on black violence and murder, and it's one of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind.

People who complain about video game violence do not live in reality and have no sense of history, let alone current events.

BTW, the violence in the Sudan is spread blade to blade, hand to hand; guns are rarely used. Whole families have been found hacked to death with machetes.

rareairtone4157d ago

people who dont understand the RE series and the fact that white people aren't the main developers take this game the wrong way. I read some of the people's comments on there and i agree: where was the resistance all these years when resident evil was about gunning down white infected civilians? the series has been through spaniards, white people, and now to balance it out capcom decided to set it in africa so what?

For the most part many people of my race believe in conspiracies against the betterment of black people and some of them are true, such as driving while black (DWB) but this is rediculous.

First of all this is a mature game and it is not marketed towards children to any extent so capcom is not trying to raise black people killers from non-black gamers. the people in the trailer are infected by something, just like the spanish and white people in the past games but there is a fuss now because a minority race is involved. but even still capcom is trying to be correct because where else is there a village of all black people? in africa! just like the RE4 was set in spain, which is the only place rural villages of european spaniards are located.

The woman who wrote that memo are dangerous to the gaming community and that's why we are so under attack these days--from people who don't understand and turn it into a conspiracy theory. When it comes to racial issues many people love to criticize the surface of things instead of understanding it first then criticizing.

Blackfrican4156d ago

Why does it always have to be the white man killing black people? Can't the black developers be more original? White people always get stereotyped for being black killers. Even the all black development team knows that.

On a non-racial note:

Who said the black people are zombies? They look normal to me.

BubblesDAVERAGE4156d ago

In 1 -3 ( and many side stories) we been killing white people for years so whats the difference they didn't complain...oh yeah im black..and i don't care..

blackdragon874156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

yoooo coolmatrix you need to get off of that bullshit you on if they had a spanish guy shootin up asians would you complain then?? hell no! get off that Malcolm X bullshit you on and go get a history lesson, and let me know when come back to reality ...dumbass..

JsonHenry4156d ago

Lol, my wife and I watched the E3 2007 trailer and said that we didn't see and zombies on screen, we just saw the Darfur region and thought that maybe the lead character was looking into the genocide!

Lol, I didn't see zombies in that trailer - I saw the evening news!!

Seriously though, anytime you portray any minority group in a negative fashion, even something as stupid as zombified blacks, that a minority group is going to complain just to gain notoriety.

FadeToBlack4156d ago

If the main character was a black dude killing white zombies there would be no problem with that. It could have been any other race and there wouldent have been any complaints. For God sakes is a fuking game. I'm a white guy and i live in a country that is mostly black. We dont have near the amount of racial BS the US still faces today. the main problem in my opinion with racial tension in the US is that people need to let the past go and move on with life because what happened in the past has nothing to do with todays modern society.

Skizelli4156d ago

It aggravates me when people cry racism. If it was a black killing a white, it'd be OK. Do you think Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson would cry foul if a black was killing a 3rd world village of whites? Of course not. It's called reverse racism aka a double standard, and it's getting old. It's always a different story when a white is the underdog, and that in itself is racist.

Texas GMR4156d ago

I hear ya bro! It's just another case of the white man trying to keep the black zombie down! HAHAHAHA If that sh*t's for real, your a f**king idiot!

The more you know <rainbow>

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timmyp534157d ago

becuz some of them look hispanic to me.

BIadestarX4157d ago

hatians are not spanic... heck.. they don't even speak spanish...

kevoncox4157d ago

They share the island of Hispanionla....Do you think that no one in hate is from the DR???? That's the reason that the DR has alot of black people....

The more you know<rainbow>

ThaGeNeCySt4157d ago

i'm haitian, some of us speak spanish very well (my mom being one of them)

and naw, this game doesn't take place in haiti

BIadestarX4156d ago

I am from DR. and I am not black... nor DR share their territory with Haiti, constitution, laws, system or even language.
Just because we share the same border with Haiti and there are hatians in dominican republic does not make it the same country... Also, just because some hatians speask spanish do not make them Dominicans...

The same way... just because Mexico shares the same border with the US and lots of Mexicans live in the US... the US is not Mexico.

So, just

ShAkKa4156d ago

im also from D.R and im white but over there the skin color isn`t a problem because everybody is mix-up in the country a lot of my family is black,a lot also is white and a lot are on between.

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vidoardes4157d ago

Absolutly f**kin ridculous. If this was a black guy killing white zombies in crawley, nothing would be said about it. Some people just look for excuses to make a fuss and shout about somethign so they can feel self important.

zoibie4157d ago

agree completely. It says nowhere in the Resident Evil trailer that "all black people are zombies and must die," the article is just exagerating!

BrainDrain4157d ago

I agree as well. Noone seems to care when you run around killing white people. Black, White, whatever.. Just give me something to shoot at.


Tempo4157d ago

case in point Crackdown. nuff said

JustCallMeDaddy4157d ago

people would start complaining on why the black guy has to be the killer

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Vicar4157d ago

waiting for an article like this eventually =O

MaximusPrime4157d ago

this is resident evil 5, previous series have white zombies.