PS3 Slim Prices Just Over $200; Causes Increase

PlayStrum writes: "Online retailer Amazon has had some low prices for the 120GB PlayStation 3 before, dropping to just under $250 for used models, but their latest small drop in prices has the PS3 making a comeback into the Top 10 on Amazon's Bestsellers List."

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Colonel-Killzone4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

How do you still have 2 bubbles ? Wow...... Your stealth trolling is so obvious.

Spenok4097d ago

Lol, no worries. He's out now. xD

level 3604098d ago

Think the spike in increase is caused by impending GranTurismo 5 release date on November.. everybody's preparing.

TANUKI4098d ago

Don't forget the Kevin Butler commercial too, lol.

tiamat54098d ago

How could anyone be satisfied with 20 gigs of space? I have a 120 gig PS3 and have already used 90 gigs of storage and only had it for a few months. Anyway this is good. more people on PSN to destroy online. See you there target practice. I'll be there blasting your @$$es in UC2, running you off the road in MS; Apocalypse and kicking your butts in Critter Crunch. PSN name: cosmickaos. Remember it.

kr90914098d ago

I have an original launch 20GB but I bought a 320GB hard drive about 2 years ago for around $100 bucks. I haven't even touched half the new space. That's the beauty of owning a PS3, choices!

Tony-A4098d ago

How long do you think RDR will stay at that price? I haven't picked it up yet.

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