Nintendo's Miyamoto says Mii’s may be on the 3DS

In a recent interview transcript from IGN, in response to their question about Mii’s possibly being on the 3DS, Shigeru Miyamoto responded saying:

“We need to keep in mind how we evolve the Miis and how we think about compatibility with Miis between different systems, but that's something that we're definitely giving consideration to and want to continue to try to allow people to use their Miis on different Nintendo systems going forward.”

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Shnazzyone3050d ago

They need more with miis anyway. Those sure got forgotten fast.

Samus HD3049d ago

for me they need to be on 3ds but with upgraded stuff.
more items to create

ChickeyCantor3049d ago

Mii's could have been great if Nintendo allowed an achievement system for games that affect the Mii.

For instance, if you beat the Legen of zelda, you could give one Mii a mastersword, or a Hyrule shield.

I mean that way there was a purpose of showing off your customized Mii.

CountDracula3049d ago

Xbox Live portable anyone?