IGN: Battle for the Future: iPhone 4 vs. 3DS vs. PSP

June was a big month for handheld gaming. At E3, Nintendo unveiled its visionary 3DS – the successor to the DS that uses a cool glasses-free 3D display. Sony also used E3 to showcase several games that should stave off PSP detractors claiming the handheld has entered its twilight phase. Sony and Nintendo seem ready to battle each other, but what about the handheld gaming rig that nobody expected to explode: the iPhone?

June was not only the debut of the 3DS, but also the launch of the iPhone 4, an improvement over the original iPhone in every way from the HD-esque Retina display to the inclusion of a gyroscope for precision motion controls.

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Gr813025d ago

iPhone4 is a cell phone first, gaming system second if at all. PSP is dead, and 3DS pretty much blew E3 wide open.

There is no battle.

piroh3025d ago

God of War Ghost of Sparta
Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday
Resident Evil PSP
EyePet PSP
Ace Combat Joint Assault
Final Fantasy 13 Agito
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Monster Hunter 3rd Portable...
+ now released MGS Peace Walker, Modnation Racers PSP and Hot Shot Tennis i can't complain

fatstarr3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

The psp is dead in terms of lifespan once the 3Ds comes out
the article can be iphone4 vs Ds vs psp and Nintendo would still win.
The psp is a little to late.
None of those games are going to sell systems except Birth by sleep and monster hunter 3rd and peace walker.

The 3Ds is next gen and shouldn't be compared. its like Gamecube and ps3...
Now if it were Iphone 4 vs 3Ds vs Psp2 i would have a different comment

hatchimatchi3024d ago

yea, there's no battle if your a complete fanboy.

I own a pspgo and a ds lite. I like the ds lite more but to say the psp is dead is just ignorant. There are tons of great games out for it and I just downloaded persona 3 portable which has been getting rave reviews.

only MORONS play up sales and console wars.

Gr813024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Only Moron here is you, for buying a PSP go. PSP is dead, outsid of Japan its sales are shit. Therefore it is damn near dead. I never said anything about the games on the system, and you can cry piracy all you want, but that didn't stop the DS from selling millions more software and hardware. Fatsstar understood exactly what I was saying, why couldn't you?

You just come in a say some crap about fanboys and other nonsense.

Lose the attitude, and I'll lose mine. Otherwise, fuck off.

hatchimatchi3024d ago

The only reason the psp struggles is because of game piracy. If the system wasn't so easily hacked it would have been a different story. Yes nintendo still would have sold more with the ds but the psp isn't a complete and utter failure like some people say. There are tons of great games for it and it's a really capable handheld.

I find it funny how nintendo fanboys use arguments like, "i just want a gaming machine, not an mp3 player or video player"

Apparently watching movies is awesome on handhelds now that the 3ds will do it.

That's the thing with nintendo fanboys, everything is stupid and not good for gaming, only until nintendo does it, then it's awesome and revolutionary. Biggest hypocrites in all of gaming imo.

Call me a sony fanboy all you want, I own all current gen systems as well as multiple classic consoles. I play games, not sales or consoles wars.

Also, the psp isn't without it's problems, sony's support for the pspgo is appalling. I really wish I would have got a psp-3000 instead.

iforgotmylogin3024d ago

LoL see that’s the reason why the DS won. The psp is a do everything machine first then games. Back in 2006 that could fly but now peoples cell phones can do all of that stuff. I disagree with the movie watching stuff. maybe some Anime here and TV shows there but if the battery life sucks why bother... my Mp3 Player from 2004 has a better battery life than the psp.

Piracy has nothing to do with anything you need a system to pirate something for so that’s +1 to psp sales.
The games are utter trash except for 20-30 in a Back catalog of 300+ games. The psp go proved people hate digital distribution and hence why it failed. Instead of moving ahead Sony keeps rehashing the same machine with little to no tech updates or software updates. If you gave me a psp1000 and a psp3000 I couldn’t tell the difference besides weight. While Nintendo knows when its time to ascend to the next level.
Nintendo= Goku.
Sony= Vegetta.

Sales don’t mean anything nowadays. Its whets killing the industry. Sony’s bonehead moves are what’s killing the industry as well. As Angry videogame nerd would say
What the F*CK were they thinking.

as to this comment \I find it funny how Nintendo fan boys use arguments like, "i just want a gaming machine, not an mp3 player or video player”

Nintendo fan boys see the truth... Nintendo does so many innovations and they become standard to this day
NES Controller, D pad, Analogue sticks, Rumble, Touch screens, Motion controller, 3D, 4button layouts. ABXY funny how every controller has one of those 4 letters as buttons. Nintendo does a lot the 3DS will be a gaming machine first look at the line up then look what they have to show for movies that explains its self. Sony is trying to be the next iphone have fun being a test dummy

lightningsax3023d ago

Again, people aren't reading the article, just talking about their own preferences or someone else's comment.

Miller, in this article, is being a bit ignorant of the real problem with PSP. He constantly pushes the point that PSP "has good games" out for it, and he can't see why people say that it doesn't have any games.

The problem here isn't whether or not the PSP has good games (I love Patapon 1&2, Dissidia, the sheer convenience of having the Gradius Collection). The problem is that good games are taking a long, long time to be released on the PSP. The instance of a good game entering the market isn't like the gap between Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2 - it's like the gap between inFamous and Red Dead Redemption. This gap, to committed gamers, makes them want to put the PSP down for a while and play something else.

In all, it's not that the PSP doesn't have good games in their library. It's that the PSP's good new games are very slow to be released.