Dead Space Ignition is a downloadable Dead Space 2 prequel, for XBLA and PSN

We know Dead Space-dev Visceral Games has had its eye on the downloadable space -- along with the rest of EA -- for some time now with the oft-rumored Jack the Ripper title and something else. Well, that something else is Dead Space Ignition, "the first of many exciting game extensions we have planned for the launch of Dead Space 2," says Dead Space franchise exec producer Steve Papoutsis.

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qface643029d ago

so i guess im the only one who thinks a PREQUEL to a SEQUEL seems pretty stupid ESPECIALLY considering that SEQUEL isn't even released yet...

ExPresident3029d ago

Nickels and dimes my friend, nickles and dimes. Why release tomorrow what we could release today AND tomorrow. Why release it on this disc when we can release it for $ as DLC and even leave it on the disc.... and on and on and on and on...


colonel1793029d ago

I thought the same thing. This is HORRIBLE news! This means that Dead Space 2 won't start right where Dead Space 1 left off and we will miss part of the story!

This is BS!, and ExPresident, you are right! but i hate that they have to do that, specially with a game that's supposed to be the next one, this is why there's a 2 in the cover!!

Fcuking BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rant over

KwietStorm3029d ago

I don't see how getting even more game to play is horrible news, especially when the sequel got pushed to next year, but rant if you need to. I'll be enjoying one of my favorite new IPs.

colonel1793029d ago

I don't rant about getting more Dead Space, and I am obviously exaggerating. My rant is because now you need to buy a PSN game to get the full story from 1 to 2. Why make a 1.5? I don't see the case, story wise.

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halojunkie3029d ago

geting the PS3 VERSION of dead space 2, for extraction, and getting this game ;)

rezzah3029d ago

Too bad the 360 fans wont be able to play it in HD, unles you have a Wii. Then you can enjoy it in sub HD. Enjoy.

beardpapa3029d ago

so does this make it some sort of complimentary game to Dead Space downfall?

Solidus187-SCMilk3028d ago

I wonder if they just chopped the first chapter of the full game and released it as dlc before the game comes out?

edit-- I think so. They need to cash in on the holiday with some pre-dlc.
As long as its worth the cost Ill be happy.

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jay23029d ago

Well, Well well, might just get this.

Cryptech3029d ago

effing epic. Anything Dead Space = win.

Rich16313029d ago

Yeah...that is pretty much how I feel too!!!

OhReginald3029d ago

the sequel isn't even out yet....why not just add the prequel in the

xino3029d ago

which means they will milk our money on this.

after dishing out so much money on Dante's Inferno DLC, I vowed to never buy EA DLC again.

Sevir043029d ago

as much as i love Visceral Games, DI was horrible. so i dont feel bad for you spending money on DLC for a Horrible game.

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The story is too old to be commented.