Best Buy’s Official Gaming Magazine Now Available

Last month, Best Buy announced they’d be releasing an official video game magazine called @Gamer, available by both subscription ($19.99 for 10 issues) or in-store ($5.99 per issue). The magazine which features Medal of Honor on the cover of its debut issue is now available, and is definitely worth it’s asking price. PlayStation LifeStyle explains why…

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Trexman893119d ago

I get all my games from Gamefly. It's been years since I bought a game at Best Buy.

deadreckoning6663119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Meh, I'd rather get GameInformer. I've been meaning to cancel my PSM subscription for the longest. Its sucks IMO. GameInformer always has great exclusives.

NecrumSlavery3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

$20 for less than a year is lame. I get free Gameinformer every year I renew my Gamestop EDGE card. Plus EGM is coming back, and that was always my favorite gaming magazine. It's a deeper mag, than just the games IMO

HolyOrangeCows3119d ago

I clicked the link, saw the "IPAD GAMING: The Newest Must-Buy Portable" and I was like, "No thanks"

Then I scrolled down and saw $20 off coupons on a bunch of semi-new titles, and I was like "Duuuuude."

FragGen3119d ago

Print is dead.
-Egon, Ghostbusters.

rumplstilts3119d ago

Bahahaha. Although I disagree I like the Ghostbusters reference.

Gun_Senshi3119d ago

people still buy magazines?

Spenok3118d ago

Lol yep, me being one of them. Thought to be honest my interest in the is slowly fadeing.

unworthyBOZO3119d ago

Yawn probably won't last for a year.

HaVoK3083119d ago

It will be as objective as Game Informer. Meaning not very. Since Game Informer is owned by Gamestop it is hard to take their reviews seriously. The same will hold true for this.

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The story is too old to be commented.