7 min Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom gameplay video

GameVideos has a new seven minute video of Untold Legends, the action-adventure title scheduled for the PlayStation 3 launch.

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Bill Nye5399d ago

What a boring looking game.

specialguest5398d ago

i had no interest in both 1 and 2 on the PSP. for some reason, it sold very well though. maybe that's why they've decided to make it on the PS3. i still have no interest in this game.

GamerMan5398d ago

This game was a drag it was the same monsters the same moves over and over again just on different maps.

Please someone give me a good reason why I should get this game. I think there is better RPGs out there but the same hack and slash moves over and over again.. unless this has a really good story I don't think I will be getting this game.

CAPS LOCK5398d ago

this is so crap, i cant belived i watched all 7 min of it i thought it would get better somehow, but it didnt, i wont get this game at all i will get final fantasy instead thats is a real rpg.

ghostface5398d ago

This game belong on the psp.

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The story is too old to be commented.