RPGamer: Persona 3 Portable Review

RPGamer writes: "With its numerous mechanical improvements, ridiculous amount of content additions, and of course the simple ability to carry the game around with you, Persona 3, RPGamer's RPG of the Decade, is at its greatest in Persona 3 Portable. If you've played the game before, there's so much new content here that it's practically like playing a brand new game. In fact, Persona 3 Portable's biggest audience really should be those who've already played and loved the original. Although new players could certainly jump into the series here, as I mentioned earlier, the originals come highly recommended for first-time players."

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Homicide3024d ago

Every JRPG fan and PSP owner should get this. I already spent like 8 hours on it, and it still feels fresh. Love that the game has incredibly short loading times, and navigating is a lot faster now.

Noctis Aftermath3024d ago

I wish i had a PSP, i was watching a guy play it via livestream, the game is brilliant.

I can't wait for the P5 announcement at TGS.

N4GAddict3024d ago

I might pick it up soon.

wicko3024d ago

Would you recommend someone play the PSP version over the PS2 version?

Homicide3024d ago

Yes. You get both the original story and the female perspective. Its two epic stories for the price of one. The PS2 version has the closure chapter (The Answer), which clears up the ending of the main story, but I didn't like it. It killed the awesome ambiguous ending of the main story, and it also lacks social links which is the sim dating part.

Why I recommend the PSP version over the PS2 version:
- Play as both male and female
- Full party support
- Incredibly short loading times
- Faster navigation
- New social links and part-time jobs
- 5 difficulty levels (much easier to find the right difficulty for you)
- You no longer have to talk to your party members to change equipment. In the PS2 version, you had to talk to your party members one by one just to change equipment. It was pretty annoying. In the PSP version, all you have to do is press triangle and change equipment.

The only bad thing about the PSP version is the lack of anime cutscenes, but if you haven't played the PS2 one, then it shouldn't bother you.

N4GAddict3024d ago

The changes sound great.

wicko3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I may play both just for the anime cutscenes. If its as awesome as I've heard it is, then I won't mind playing it twice :p Also, I have the undub'd version of it for PS2.

raztad3023d ago

I tried to play Persona 1 remake on the PSP but the game felt too dated for my liking. I know, however, P3 is an amazing game on the PS2 and looks like the portable version is nothing short of awesome. I hope I can enjoy this game. Buying it as soon as I'm done with Peace Walker.

hatchimatchi3022d ago

Played this game for the first time last night. So freaking awesome. I'm gonna dedicate my weekend to playing it.