Sony announces development of new multi-media device. Sony Vs iPad in the future?

ShogunGamer Writes: There have been rumours and mumblings about the next gen Sony portable, and huge debate around why Sony wouldn't take advantage of its Sony Ericson mobile brand to develop a new portable device. While the latest info didn’t delve into much detail concerning Sony’s new device, it is the first confirmation we’ve gotten regarding a potential move to 3G (or 4G by release?) ready gaming system.

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DA_SHREDDER3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

The problem with the console market is that it restricts itself. They need to turn the next ps4 into a console/portable/phone. The shit thats out now exceeds what consoles are doing now, so I imagine that Sony could even save money on production as well as being more accessible to people. It would thin the line between hardcore/casual gamer cause everyone would use the ps4 just like they would use an Iphone but more. It only makes sense.

By making consoles, you limit yourself to just your living room as well. Also, fuck ps+. They would just become a phone service that includes everything like Sprint does their Evo phone, with the unlimited 4g download service, freakin satellite tv, navigation system, I mean why not? Phones do it now!

Dj C43025d ago

Yeah, I really want to see the PS3's "Remote Play" be usable for full AAA console titles, not just PSN games and media.

I really like the idea of using a consoles hardware to run the game and broadcast it to your phone. This would help keep the size, cost and hardware demand on the phone way down. Hopefully once 4G networks are the norm, this will have next to no latency and be doable.