What has happened to Xbox 360 Exclusives?

SFG writes: Now, Xbox gamers are giving really crappy games and told to like it. From the long wait for the mediocre Alan Wake to the abomination that was Fable 2. Gears of War 2 was broken like Humpty Dumpty went it was released and seen several title updates. Fable 2 was so ugly and boring that I am shocked that it reviewed as well as it did from the other gaming sites. Halo ODST was a mere cash in on the Halo name, its only saving grace was the voice acting.

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MariaHelFutura3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Microsoft thinking you can buy everything and don`t need a solid 1st party team happened. They have less 1st party now then when they started this gen. Also, the PS3 is proving to be the system the offers the most potential, that`s not helping either.

seij5553026d ago

I agree. What pisses me off is how much of a free pass 360 games like Halo 3, Fable 2, and Gears 2 got review wise. Then you get games like Uncharted in 2007 that barely reached the high 80s even though it deserved better.

captain-obvious3026d ago

when this gen started the 360 had SHIT load of exclusives which most of them turned multiplat later on
the PS3 was the other way around

look how the tables have turned now

Perjoss3026d ago

exclusives are a little bit overrated, there are already too many amazing multiplatform games to play :)

bjornbear3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

you havent' played any PS3 exclusives have you?

i agree though, there ARE loads of amazing multi-plat, but to say exclusives in general are over rated is NOT true. it just depends what console you are talking about ;)

to add to that, i think all 3 have great exclusive games, which makes sense since thats what sets a console appart from the rest

@ below - thats completely unnecessary -_-, laughed at skittles of war though =D

krisprolls3026d ago

ah ah the same 2 exclusives vs 50+ on PS3...

Bu bu but... Halo 27 Kinect Edition and Skittles of Wars 3.

Danja3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

funny how the PS3 came into this Gen with the most exclusives tied to its name , and lost a bunch of them to the 360 as in they went multi plat.. at the same time the 360 was getting alot of exclusives..

now the 360 barely has any exclusives , and normally those exclusives eventually come to the PS3.. and the PS3 now has all the exclusives...

Nitrowolf23026d ago

well exlcusive are the reason to buy a console
okay so if each console had just Multiplat there would really be no reason to have them
360 has little exclusive 1st parties game
were as Sony has 21 1st party, thats allot of additional games that can't be played no where else

Chubear3026d ago

This is the ruse MS pulled on it's consumers but the smoke is clearing a bit more for some of them.

Annouceing a game for a system, even as exclusive, and then announcing it for another platform is not "losing an exclusive" MS tricked their base into thinking stealing last gen PS2 exclusives where the same as taking PS3 exclusives but all the while the 360 kept losing CURRENT GEN exclusives and their base kept oblivious.

You look for your self. List how many games came out as PS3 exclusive and then went multiplat and then do the same for the 360.

MS was playing a shell game. They knew a lot of these games were timed exclusive and paided well to keep the perception they were real exclusives. As time went on more gamers started to realise what was going on but MS never truly had many true exclusives.

This gen has been filled with smoke and mirrors and there are still millions willfully wanting to continually the duped all for the hope of seeing Sony fall. Sad, pitifully sad indeed.

Danja3026d ago

i said the PS3 came into this gen with the most exclusives Tied to its name ..

Final Fantasy
Assassins Creed
Virtual Fighter 5
Tekken 6

the 360 has lost almost all its exclusive to the PS3 though...

jetlian3026d ago

some upset gamers in here. what did uncharted do to get above 80 seij555?

chubear i guess 360 didn't get VF5 online after ps3 huh?! or URT3 with splitscreen. I'm sure theres more. 360 lost exclusives sure so did sony. still have dead rising,lost ody,blue dragon, magna carta2, ninja blade,crackdown,n3, fable, gears, halo, ME,viva pin,banjo,l4d, and a lot more.

nitrowolf: exclusives don't define a console. if all i want is fighting games i could get either or.

No Way3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Every one of those games deserved what they received.
Uncharted was good, too. But, really..
what the hell is wrong with an 80 score??

On Topic: They don't have 1st developers.. That's what happened.
They needa get, and buy, some more developers.
One they should haveeee gotten was, BioWare. That woulda been great.
And, as well, they should have kept Bungie, and Ensemble.

Gamerbee3026d ago

PS3 has always bin one of those quality over quantity consoles.. PS3 exclusives (except Haze & Lair) have really raised the bar in gaming. Now its both quantity & quality Which is WIN WIN situation.

sikbeta3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

MS has less First party devs than Nintendo, I mean Nintendo at least have Known IPs to work with, but Ms just want to Rely on Third Part devs, now going to the Casual route, Third Party will make the same amount of shovelware crap like they did with the wii, so Who is going to make hardcore/Real Games games for the x360 fanbase?

Seems like they may get used to this new casual-trend...

Kleptic3026d ago

I disagree that exclusive titles are the 'only' reason to buy a certain now consoles do a lot more than just play video games...

the PS3's ability to play BD movies, decode HD audio into discrete LPCM, and be an excellent web connected media hub were all reasons I chose a PS3 over a 360...I also chose it for reliability at the time, but that turned out to bite me last month...

but I do agree that lately the PS3 stands alone with exclusive content in terms of quality...that is simply a nod to their unbelievable first party development support...not necessarily the machine itself...

MS never stole exclusive games...they simply paid to have once exclusive franchises to PS come to Xbox as well...their spending resulted in lots of franchises becoming multiplatform...doesn't really hurt the PS brand, just simply made the Xbox brand more relevant, which was an obvious goal for MS...

as far as the media's view of each system...its obvious that because of PS's past in this industry, everyone expects PS3 games to innovate in ways that MS doesn't need to worry about...resulting in the 'free pass' a lot of you are talking was MUCH worse at the beginning of this generation than it is now...

kinect and move will really showcase this imo...Kinect is already trash for core gamers, that is obvious...but will be very appealing to easy party gamers and the wii crowd looking for something new...while Move is still unknown, as the potential is there for it to be great for core gamers...just depends on how developers utilize it...but I'm ready for hundreds of 'move doesn't do anything new' based reviews and previews...while kinect will get praised, even though its focused on people that would never read a review in the first place...

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GWAVE3026d ago

It's simple: Microsoft has failed to foster and develop 1st parties. Instead, they wave around checks. In the end, they could care less about exclusives or about gamers. If they cared, they would make more exclusives or buy more. It's really that simple.

But instead, Microsoft cares about $$$ and nothing more. I understand that Sony and Nintendo also care about $$$, but at least they're willing to take risks and make investments that might not pay off right away or ever.

Anon19743026d ago

Microsoft said in their last financial update that 3rd party development for the 360 was falling off as well (and I'm still surprised that no game site thought that was newsworthy). Little first party, declining 3rd party support, 5 quarters of back to back, year over year 360 declines, falling software 360 software revenue, falling 360 console revenue (all according to Microsoft's own financial updates).

You really have to wonder what the fate of the aging 360 hardware will be if Kinect fails to spur sales on. As it sits right now the price cut has temporarily spiked 360 sales, but the new 360 at $299 - who on earth is going to buy a 360 at $299 when they can get a PS3 which doubles as a blu-ray player and 3D platform for the same price? I just can't see the 360s having any serious, long-term impact on their flagging sales.

thewrathman3026d ago can apply the exactly wot you said but with a ps3 perspective.they are 2 companies in the same industry.its nice to have lots of 1st party studios.but its 3rd parties that keep you gaming all year round.

out of all the studios sony has,how many of them 1st parties do you see releasing a game every year?it aint 21. but you probably only play 1st party games on the ps3 and never buy 3rd party titles.thats why all them ps3 titles sell 10million plus.

and your falling profits arguement is just ill-educated since there was an article on here today about MS making around $1.2billion offa LIVE alone over the last year.and LIVE userbase growing year on year with 25million users..and half of them GOLD users.

and with the price of standalone blu-ray players dropping well below $ that really an excuse to buy a ps3 now?if its not then its gotta make you pause for a minute.let me see..arcade xbox+standalone blu-ray player..yep that is cheaper than a ps3 now.

where is the marketing for MOVE by the way?ill be watching eagerly to see how to advertise it..and how they think they can differentiate it from the Wii.then get you buy a ps3 and all the bits of plastic you need for it.

soxfan20053026d ago

Every day that passes reduces the "edge" that PS3 has with it's built in Blu Ray player. Millions of people already own stand-alone players, and millions more will buy one this year. Players are consistently available for less than $100. A PS3 will be a good value to someone looking for a Blu Ray player AND a gaming console at the same time, but for the millions of people who bought a Blu Ray player in the last few years, PS3's Blu Ray capability will be meaningless.

As for 3D, it's still WAY too expensive for a compatible TV set and glasses for it to be considered any sort of "value".

Biggest3026d ago

No, thewrathman, you can not apply what darkride66 said to the PS3. There are no sales declines. There is no shortage of third party support. There is definitely no shortage of first party support. Stand alone BluRay players may be getting cheaper. But you will not find a stand alone BluRay player AND current generation gaming platform for the same price as a PS3. You could always buy used I suppose. And I guess that if you trust the craftsmanship of a 360 Arcade you might as well trust a $50 BluRay player. Whatever you choose to make your argument seems to work for you. But no matter what YOU say, Microsoft has to release the real information. They know where they are losing and gaining.

"EDD revenue decreased across most lines of our business. Revenue from non-gaming business decreased $291 million or 42%, primarily reflecting decreased Mediaroom and Zune revenue. Xbox 360 platform and PC game revenue decreased $110 million or 12%, primarily as a result of decreased Xbox 360 console sales and decreased revenue per Xbox 360 console due to price reductions during the past 12 months, partially offset by increased Xbox Live revenue. We shipped 1.2 million Xbox 360 consoles during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2009, compared with 1.3 million Xbox 360 consoles during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2008. Foreign currency exchange rates accounted for a $27 million or two percentage point decrease in revenue."

But either way. . . 360 exclusives are few and far between. And the quality of those few exclusives isn't much more than the many multiplatform games out there.

Serg3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )


Why would I buy 2 separate devices if I can get 1 for the same price that does better and a lot more than these 2 devices combined?

Also @soxfan2005

The Bluray player in the PS3 will receive an upgrade at the end of the year that bumps the value up by 200 bucks. Standalone BluRay player: 100 bucks (Current PS3 FW), standalone 3D Bluray player: 300 bucks (3D movie enabled PS3 FW). So no, the PS3 does not lose it's edge when it comes to the Bluray, the functionality is constantly improving, it's a testament to Sony's quality that a 4 year old Bluray player can still keep up with current models. You can have Netflix, Sony's own movie store and soon Hulu+, play some of the best games available on any platform, use mouse and keyboard for web, because it provides a browser out of the box, you have a harddrive inside, WiFi, can store your pictures and videos, which you can even edit now. Oh and, it's also so quiet you have to check for the LED to see if it's running, ergo, it doesn't interfere with your movie experience, and it also has an industry standard failure rate.

All this for just 299, a mobile phone costs up to 4 times more these days (iPhone 4 unlocked without a contract, 1049, at least here in Germany). There is really no argument to get a standalone Bluray player and a 360 over a PS3, none. Missing out on 2-3 good exclusive titles that the 360 has each year won't kill anybody (Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Halo: Reach? I guess)

And before you throw the redesigned 360 into the discussion, your argument was 298 for 360 arcade and a Bluray player, introducing a redesigned 360 will be 398, still lagging behind the PS3 in functionality and 33% more expensive.

There is no rational reason not to buy a PS3 these days. In fact, I can only think of 3 reasons, 1. Racism, hating the tech because a Japanese company produced it; 2. Personal preference, although I seriously doubt anybody prefers less functionality for the same price. 3. Foolish pride.

Edit: @soxfan2005

It doesn't matter if 3D tech is expensive now, you have the functionality, and when you upgrade your TV set, it'll be there, ready to go for no extra cost.

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R2D23026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Too late >:(

I actually dont feel like my xbox 360 has been lacking games. I been more than happy with the multi plats that we have gotten so far.

Mass Effect 2
Bioshock 2
Modern Warfare 2
Dragon Age
Final Fantacy
Batman AA
and many more

MariaHelFutura3026d ago

You could play all of those games w/o owning a 360, that`s kinda the point your missing.

seij5553026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

You post this in every one of your posts, have you ever just wondered that you might be the one trolling here. Oh, and I have almost all those multiplats on my PC and they look better.

iceman29293026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

And how much money did you spend on your PC to make it play better?

If it is more than $250 dollars than that is why the 360 is fine for some people. People who want to game pseudo-HD, but would rather spend less on hardware and more on games... (and don't bring up the PC games cost less because the same crowd can afford to wait for price drops... with sales, and promos, etc, I have not bought a new game full price in years. Hell I got Blur 1 week after release for 30 dollars!)

FYI I have a High End gaming PC and plenty of games on my PC. However there are a lot of games that I prefer to play on console, sitting in a comfy couch rather than at my PC desk.

Inside_out3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

The Xbox 360 is the biggest success story this generation of gaming. The Asians where laughing last gen, not no more. Look at Sony charging the faithful for on line and the PS3 guys making excuses on why it's a good My, how the mighty have fallen.

M$ has already said that third party gaming was gonna make or break this generation of gaming. How right they are. Multi-plats FAR outsell ALL PS3 exclusives on PS3. Why is that???...Hmmmm...maybe is has something to do with quality and game play. FPS KZ 2 million, FPS MW2 8 closed.

M$ continues to deliver the best gaming experiences on the best platform. Best controller...Best OS....Best On line. Spending big money on timed exclusives and content so their gamers get the best experiences FIRST...thanks M$. XBL has generated 1 billion in sales. M$ crying all the way to the bank. They still have there big sellers coming this year...Halo reach and Fable 3 and Kinect of course which every kid in the world will want to play this holiday...not to mention the multi-plats that ALWAYS play better and sell better on 360...MOH, Crysis, and COD black ops. If it wasn't for multi-plats, what would Sony have this Watch how many copies COD move on PS3 this holiday.

jneul3026d ago

@cez of rage you are so full of BS it's unbelievable the only multiplats that sell more on 360 are shooters, the games with more variety actually sell more on ps3 like FF13 did, so that debunks your theory that x360 is better than ps3 and sales != quality, although uncharted 2 should sell more that MW2 because my bf still feels ripped off for buying that MW2 game, got uncharted 2 at last christmas and he loves it

chakan3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

You just listed multiplatform games. Good job. We're talking about EXCLUSIVES.

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Danja3026d ago

MS prob was that they were following the PS2 or trying to turn the 360 into the PS2 they focused so much on getting popular PS franchises unto the 360 and Sony caught on and decided to up its game with there first party studios..

Microsoft insists on on leaning on 3rd party devs for exclusives but times have changed and devs no longer wants to develop for one platform

PandemicPrawn03026d ago

You’re quite right.

Last gen the Microsoft and the Xbox were heavily criticized for NOT having the big titles that the PS2 enjoyed.

Microsoft has worked hard to reverse that this gen by getting the GTA's Final Fantasy's and Tekken's on there console at the same time as Sony's

Unfortunately this has been at the expense of developing a first party stable. I would hope that now that the 360 has strong 3rd party support some of the focus can be put into acquiring and developing more first party studios.

PirateThom3026d ago

It's funny, because they didn't get these franchises last gen and, this gen, they do get them and they go to hell in a handbasket.

It still amuses me that of all the former "PS Franchises" than appears on 360, the big one that stayed exclusive, Metal Gear Solid 4, was the only truly great one in a batch of real disasters.

otherZinc3026d ago


Fable 3

Now what?

Tony-A3026d ago

You forgot Socom 4.

But both of them are releasing big titles, so I don't think they need a pile of good exclusives. Just spread them out, give us some great ones and release your Move and Kinect.

Lionhead3026d ago

Fable 3 is on PC I thought?

Socom 4, GT5, Little Big Planet 2


Halo Reach >_>

inception1233026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

the year doesn't just consist of the winter buddy the ps3 has had gow3, hr, socom 4, lbp2 and gt5 this year. 2 are already successes and lbp2 and gt5 will be some of the biggest this gen. the only game that will do anything for ms is reach.

gtsentry3026d ago

you forgot socom 4,ps3 also has exclusive content for assassins creed brotherhood,medal of honor,mafia 2,dead space 2 but thats nex year

jetlian3026d ago

don't bother. thats about all they got socom lol. Pc isn't a platform cuz why doesn't anybody tell how much it sold in may!!!

ME2,AW,CD2,N32,SCC,F3,HR, And kinect vs

HR,gow3,MNR,LBP,GT5,SOC,MAG, and move

Jay5203026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )


Mag, Heavy Rain, GOW 3, Modnation, 3d dot game heroes, yakuza 3 already released.

Some MOVE games (The Fight, Sports Champions, The Shoot)


Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Twisted Metal
Final Fantasy Versus 13
Motorstorm 3
The Last Gaurdian

What does 360 have for 2011
Gears 3.......

Biggest3026d ago

I just want to point out how awesome Crackdown 2 and Ninety Nine Nights 2 are looking right now. If Alan Wake, which was a pretty good game, sold like it did I can't imagine that those two games, which are not nearly as good, will matter much past this discussion.

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reintype3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

The problem is that, most of the budget that the Xbox gaming division used to acquire 3rd party Exclusives as well as DLCs (Timed or otherwise) are now being funneled to Kinect.

This is the big elephant in the room, that most Xbox fans are failing to see. To them the launch of Kinect, would be beneficial to them. I'm sorry to say, it's not.

When you have a scarce First/Second Party lineup that MS have, and most of them working on Kinect, you are going to be faced with similar problems that faced the Nintendo Faithful, and that is platform neglect.

Yes, I know the argument that Kinect "might" have something for the core in the future. Unfortunately, its going to be a long wait for that, since MS still has to resolve many issues with it. So as of right now, its nothing more than a pipe dream.

ABizzel13026d ago

I truly believe what's going on is MS is getting ready to launch a new console. All the money they were using to buy 3rd party DLC and exclusives is now being brought in house to pay for Kinect games and marketing, and the develop their next console.

This November the 360 will be 5 years old, which is the usual lifecycle for most console. MS said they would be on the market longer than the average console lifecycle, and while not by much 6 years is more.

E3 2011 we'll hear about the new console, and it will launch in Nov. 2011, Mar. 2012, or Nov 2012.

sid4gamerfreak3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Many of the "exclusives" are now on the superior pc platform

And anyway, whats wrong with multiplatforms? Sure they may not compete with graphics against the exclusives (this is consoles im talking about, every pc multiplatform beats consoles) but the quality of the multiplatform in terms of gameplay and other aspects strive and r better than some exclusives

The elder scrolls is one multiplat i think which is entitled as "one of the greatest games ever made"

ForceCSW3026d ago

Some of the earlier PS3 exclusives were total trash... but now almost everyone is an industry trend-setter in someway.

On Topic- The author of this article is seriously pissed at the 360, I mean its okay to ask for more quality games but geez.

NewZealander3026d ago

wow this article is absolute [email protected]

fable 2 was amazing, despite its minor flaws i loved every second of it.
alan wake also was an above average thriller, sure not perfect, but it is worth every penny.
halo odst...yeah i agree that was pretty lame.
gears 2 may have had online issues but its still one of the best games out there.

and with future games like gears 3, fable 3 and halo reach, i dont think theres anything to complain about.

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TheLeprachaun3026d ago

While I admit the original article has a point, Alan Wake was not mediocre. It was one of the best games this generation.

tinybigman3026d ago

since i'm not a survival horror fan i though AW looked meh, but i gave it a spin. i was pleasantly surprised at how much fun i had playing it, and how great it turned out to be for me.

personally it's the best game i've played on 360 this year, and yes i've played ME2, and SCC. AW is a unique experience and i'm glad i bought the game.

tinybigman3026d ago

all the AW haters hahahahahahaha i don't give 2 good goddamns what yall think i loved AW, enjoyed it from beginning to end and there's nothing yall can do or say will make me change my mind.

i know its much better than the piece of shit ruffian tried to pass off as crackdown 2, and i soooooo loved part 1.

StbI9903025d ago

Dude...clap clap clap, great you enjoyed it, but what is the matter if I disagree with what you say? that doesn't make me a hater...but whatever, for that are the two Agree/Disagree button, so don't make sht of people not agreeing with you.


cooperdnizzle3026d ago

I have to disagree with you on that. I just finished playing Alan Wake last night, and i have to say that had to be one of the most repetitive games i have ever played. I would give it a C at best. Back on subject. M$ just makes sure they get the down loadable content for muit plat games. And don't worry about making quality exclusives for there platform.

tinybigman3026d ago

everyone has differing opinion about what they like and don't like. i'm sure you probably love halo, but i think the series sucks monkey balls. nothing wrong with this.

like i said i had more fun playing AW than i did ME2 and i love that game also.

as for M$ they should use their money and create studios and foster some goodwill to maybe you know purchase a studio or two. also make some damn custom engine for the machine and stop relying on 3rd party engines.

cooperdnizzle3022d ago

I agree with you on some of those statements. And no i hate halo. The only game i really enjoy for my xbox is gears of war. But that is just me. And if you like Alan Wake, Then that is cool with me. To each his own man to each his own. I just really thought the game was over hyped and it brought nothing to the table. I will never pop that game in my xbox again.

deadreckoning6663026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

With the money the spent on the timed-exclusive GTA4 DsLC, they could have funded 2 new IPs. Shame. In the end, its the fault of the gamers. If people keep on buying Halo, Gears, and COD...then M$ has no reason to invest in anythg new. "While I admit the original article has a point, Alan Wake was not mediocre. It was one of the best games this generation."

True, the author shouldn't have said that as if it was a fact. Some people liked it, some people didn't. No more, no less.

Why o why3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

but just because they sell isnt a good enough reason for them NOT to compete with quality exclusives. I mean.... What do the gamers want. Its been obvious this was the case when e3 highlights of the past were multiplatform steals/borrows/share announcements. The media and fans were whipped up into a frenzy leaving some people content with those alone. Now there was a statement made as a sly dig at sony about MS's own approach of under-promise and over-deliver. Fact is games, quality ones, take time to produce. So if you show little you pretty much have just that...little. This year was much much better for MS than last year but after 4_5 years there should never be years like 09. Fanbois will scream how exclusives dont matter as much as they used too when in fact the matter even more than they used to. Its what defines and distinguishes a console from its competitors .

GWAVE above makes a valid point. All three care about money but some are willing to take more risks than others. Maintaining studios isnt cheap but the plus side is there are just more quality games coming off the conveyor belt

cooperdnizzle3022d ago

Hahaha how was it one of the best game's this gen? If you can come up with something i would be really surprised. That game did nothing that a hundred games haven't done before. And it was in development for like 5 years/ All it was at best was a some what of a interesting story. Game-play was udder crap. Hey run this way and shoot this taken. Run this way and shoot this taken. Oh now where back in the wood but we never left. Alright shoot this taken again. Three enemy types. No cool boss battles nothing. And they leave the story open and there is no way in hell they are going to make a sequel to that game. End of its story

ClownBelt3026d ago

"Halo ODST was a mere cash in on the Halo name, its only saving grace was the voice acting."

A conjunction wouldn't hurt this run on sentence.

BigPenguin3025d ago

If you are going to be an asshole, at least be correct. It does not need a conjunction, it needs a semi-colon. I am sick of you retards always talking shit, especially when you are dumber then the person you are correcting.

Why o why3026d ago

Two different models

Two different outcomes

I know what i prefer