Donkey Kong: Coming Back for Good, or Just to Make a Quick Buck?

Donkey Kong goes back as far as Mario does, but Nintendo doesn’t ever seem to be too interested in the series itself. After Rare jumped ship, the series all but went away. There was a slew of mini game style titles such as Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, but fact remains that it didn’t seem Nintendo was too interested in the series.

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tunaks13023d ago

"Donkey Kong: Coming Back for Good, or Just to Make a Quick Buck?"

well duh you know these companies make these games with no plans for any kinda profit, duh.

N4g_null3023d ago

Jungle beat was not a mini game it had some rather impressive 2d game play. Seriously do these people even try to know what they are talking about. It was re-released on the wii so you didn't need the bongos.

Interesting enough gamers got excited just because of the country in the title it appears.

Gr813023d ago

I did. Hearing the music during the conference was what got me. I'm just glad they kept it 2d!

TruthbeTold3023d ago

If it sells well in the Nintendo sense (over time), they'll make another. That's all there is to it...

browngamer43023d ago

I think u mean in "sense" drop the nintendo part dude..yu don't think sony or m.s. would love to have a long tailed seller..Most ninty games out of the gate get as good if not better sales than most of the hd crap..and then they just keep on those idiots at nintendo-with their "nintendo sense"

MonopolyRSV3023d ago

They should have made this for the 3DS and not Wii, especially since it utilizes jumping into the background from the foreground as seen in the video. Sales aren't going to be nearly as strong as a Wii title.

Gr813023d ago

Where have you been? NSMB, Mario Kart, Wii Sports Resort, will all be 20m+ by the time this gen is over. Kart is already there. Not saying DK will get to 20m. But to say sales aren't going to be strong as a Wii title, that's borderline dellusional. This title will sell like gangbusters 8m minimum.

MonopolyRSV3023d ago

Sales will be good but not as good as if it were a 3DS title.

Gr813023d ago

Know that at all. I mean by the time 3DS launches (we don't know when that is either) Wii can possibly have a 85-90m Installed base advantage.

But who is to say a DKC game won't come to 3DS in the future? I'd be all for that.