Can 3G Nintendo DS and Sony PSP Compete With Smartphones?

While your Nintendo DS or Sony PSP may be pretty clever at wireless connection over Wi-fi, when you wander out of antenna range you're doomed. To combat this problem, these two companies are creating new technology to boost Wi-fi reach. But is that enough to stay competitive?

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SupaGamer3025d ago

I definitely think they can keep compete. People aren't buying advanced cell phones for their kids to play games.

raztad3025d ago

Not sure about handhelds vs smartphone war. I mean, smartphone is a phone above everything else, they just happen to play games, so the volume of units sold is not a good way to measure how they are performing. However total software revenue is a good indicator. If regular portable gaming devices can keep competitive in terms of how much software they sell they will stay relevant, otherwise smartphones can take over the portable gaming industry.