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Overall Trinity Universe is one of those games that you will enjoy playing but will leave you wanting just a bit more from the developer. Great humor, top notch 2D work and fun combat are met by clunky menus, extremely awkward voice acting, and overly repetitive dungeons. If you are not a fan of grinding for items and materials through repetitive dungeons and a bare bones story, this is a game you might want to take a pass on.

However if you are in the mood to grind away hour upon hour to better your character; all while laughing at insane conversations between hair obsessed characters and kings with an eye for food and adventure, you have met your match. Just make sure not to throw the prinnies as they do tend explode on contact Dood!

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LCS_Furious_Dre3024d ago

Another AAA jrpg available ONLY on Playstation 3

roblef3024d ago

Doesn't sound that Triple A to me.

Myst3024d ago

Really on ends trying to decide if I want to play this as a JRPG fanatic or finally go ahead and getting Fallout 3 >_<. Ugh something tells me though that most people will say get this :p.

roblef3024d ago

I dunno. Game sounds pretty lame. Grinding is ok if there's an engaging storyline or decent battle mechanics, but just for grinding? nah.

ranmafandude3024d ago

i don't care i still like it though. it's a little summer jrpg that can fill in the time until a big game comes out.