Square Enix To Release Dissidia: Final Fantasy As Ultimate Hits

Square Enix will be re-releasing its hit fighting mash up game, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, this Fall in both retail and downloadable formats under the Ultimate Hits label - that means lower prices! It's not too surprising that it's taken Dissidia this long to attain Ultimate Hits status, what with its battle against the pirates and five million illegal downloads.

Both the original Dissidia as well as Universal Tuning will be made available in Square Enix's budget line up come September 16 and are set at a lovely ¥2940. Their online counterparts are slightly cheaper, coming in at ¥2100. Apparently there are slight changes between the two versions such as the voice acting.

The addition of Dissidia to the Ultimate Hits label is, according to Square Enix, to commemorate the label crossing its three million shipped mark. Whether this makes it across the Pacific remains to be seen, hopefully it does.

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jammers3023d ago

Good to see a price drop finally. Let's hope it makes it westbound soon.

AAACE53023d ago

It's a shame this game was pirated so much! I only know 1 person who actually bought it, and everyone else had it copied. Hope it sells well with the lower price!

ShapelyChops3023d ago

AND on downloadable formats? PSP Go owners everywhere salute you, SquareEnix.

Kyll3023d ago

haha, maybe I'll finally pick it up xD

alphakennybody3023d ago

the only 3d FF that I've had fun with. never bought any of the 3d ff.

Neo Nugget3023d ago

Hopefully it comes in the form on DLC for the US version. :/

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